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Before Top Line Gym, I tried everything from personal training , working out on my own, extreme dieting, hot yoga, bands & tons of Bull $*%! only to start from square one over and over again.

I'd like to give Photo Credits to Marissa Biese who does the photography across most of theTop Line Gym website and is available for hire.

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I wanted to share a quick success story of one of our Top Line team members Kali Robbins.  

This up and coming women's MMA superstar (and Top Line Athlete), is now 2-0 after winning this past Friday at the NAFC Super Brawl fight card right here in Milwaukee at The Rave Eagles Club.

Kali has the single most important quality an athlete/individual can ever posses.  

It's the one thing that can get you up bright and early to go kill yourself during a strength and conditioning session.

The thing aside from God that will get you though illness, heartbreak, and tragedy.   

The super ingredient mixed into ones heart that won't let them accept anything but their absolute best effort.  

Every minute, every second.  

Day after day.  Week after week. 

It's not some thing only a few are given at birth. It's not just some pill or powder you can mix into a drink each day.  

It can be defined as simply as:  a choice

A choice to work as hard as you can.  

To focus,  give it your best effort,  and to always show up. 

Alright, all right,  I'll tell you what it is. (even though most will keep looking for the secret elsewhere)   

Its called:  THE EDGE

After coaching thousands of individuals, I understand that this is not a quality most have right off the bat.  

It is definitely something you can learn, and mold into your thought process and values but it will not be easy. Mentally or physically.  

You see, you have to be willing to do what others won't.  You have to be willing to deal with the pain and discomfort that others won't have the patience or pain tolerance for.  

For an athlete it starts with the mental edge.  You can use The Edge to get you though workouts, push you through the extra practice,  keep you on your meal plan, make you finish that gallon of water,  steer you away from drugs and alcohol, put you to sleep instead of going out to the bars with the wrong crowd.  

Kali proved that this past Friday with her second women's MMA victory by unanimous decision and I couldn't be any happier for her.  She is a joy to coach and even more fun to watch excel towards her dreams.  

I think anyone can reach their dreams.  But I never ever bet against anyone who has The Edge like Kali.  

Like any great story,  Kali's journey to the top shop is best told by her:  

Everybody has a different story behind joining Top Line and everyone's results vary

depending on their personal goals but one thing remains constant.  


Check out some video footage of Killa Kali Training at the Top Shop before her last big victory.  
If you're not already training at Top Line get in here for a 2-week no strings attached trial for $37.  If you have a goal you'd really like to accomplish or you simple love working out, I promise this will be money well spent.  

See you in the gym,



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