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Being a part of Top Line has really improved my life!

This is Maggie's success story, told her her own words.  

"Hands down, Top Line Gym has been the best gym to help me change my physical health and fitness. 
I started off working out at a couple of big chain gyms, and had moderate success on my own.  After plateauing, I paid $40 per 45 minute session for personal training at the big box gym.  This was expensive, repetitive and certainly not as individualized as I thought it would be.  I also went through 3 personal trainers in 12 weeks.  The turnover was tremendous.  When my training sessions were used up, I decided to look for different options, and a different type of gym.  "LUCKILY" Top Line Gym was the first one I found.  Per recommendation of a friend (who has had great success losing weight and gaining strength at Top Line).  I signed up June 2013.  Don't get me wrong, Top Line is more "expensive" than the $10/month membership you'll pay at big gyms.  HOWEVER, when I crunched the numbers, it is MUCH more affordable than the $40/session for "Personal Training" I was paying.  There are also some huge perks to the small group and/or individualized coaching you will receive at Top Line (depending on which plan you sign up for).  Additionally, you WILL find results here.  So, realistically, its worth the investment.  
Some key take-away points: 
  1. You will get a CHALLENGING and REWARDING workout. I've never worked harder, had better variety, learned more, nor seen better results, than I have during my time at Top Line.  
  2. Coach loves his gym and his Top Line Family.  When you join, and you put in work, you become part of the family.  The coaching staff works for you and your goals.  Staff and members alike want to see success in all of us.  
  3. The other members push you, too.  There is camaraderie and accountability.  Instead of just working out 1:1 with a trainer, you will form relationships with the other members.  You will see what they are capable of, they will push you to want to be your best you.  
  4. Top Line also coaches top athletes.  So, you will be surrounded by very dedicated people who work hard and although they may encourage each other,  they will not BS, or talk too much,  or distract you, or other crap like that.  Everyone is there to work 
If you want to challenge yourself and meet your fitness goals,  I encourage you to come check out Top Line Gym.  This gym has a place for beginners, weekend warriors, and elite athletes alike.  You will get the results you want here, at Top Line Gym.  


Now thats the kind of response you want to get from a member of your gym! 

Coaching and leadership are the same thing.  

In fact, I've spent more time studying leadership than I have strength and conditioning programs over the past couple of years.

Maggie (AKA Zig Zag) tested every single one of my leadership skills when she first started.  

When Maggie and I joke about her initial attitude when she started the Top Line strength and conditioning program she likes to deny how tough she was on her new coach.  

I can honestly say she was one of my top 5 toughest clients to coach (lead) which says a lot after working with thousands of customers since starting Top Line in 2008."

In the end, we worked hard enough to understand each other personally and what we both expected of each other.  From that point on, one of my most difficult customers of all time turned into my easiest as well as becoming a good friend of mine.  

A great coaching relationship is much like any other.  It requires people to become better versions of themselves and I can say that without a doubt, we both made each other better human beings.  

With story after story piling up like this one, its hard not to be wonder just what the heck is going on here at Top Line.  

I can assure you that its not magic.  

It's solid programming, solid leadership and coaching and solid follow through by our team.  

That is our winning recipe for success.  

Come try it out. 




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