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My longest relationship. My only experience of maternal love. My constant companion. My best friend.

Those were the closing remarks of celebrity comedian Sarah Silverman's obituary for her late puppy "Duck" whom she rescued from an animal shelter in 1999.  This was the beginning of a 14 year relationship.  

This is some serious sentiment for a dog who was once cast off to an animal shelter.  

In fact, It's a strong sentiment to make towards what some only consider to be a "pet".  

But as a lot of us at Top Line know they are much more than that.  

Our pets are part of our family.  

With so many people filling their Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter news feeds with pictures and posts about their furry friends (and some of their funny antics), it's no surprise that we received such generous donations for the 2013 Top Line Pet Supply drive for the Waukesha Humane Society.  

We had overflowing donations of dog treats, food, paper towels, cleaning solutions, cash donations and so much more.  

Every donation was generous and will make a huge impact.  

Some of you may have read the blog post late last year telling the story of how my dog ran away from home and was rescued by a very nice couple (aka angels) and brought to the Waukesha Humane Society.  After searching for him night and day with neighbors and family during my junior year in college we finally called them to see if they had picked up any dogs with his slick looks and personality. Luckily for us, they did.  

You have to know how much this annual pet supply drive means to me on a personal level so as many of you know how close I was (and always will be) to my best bud "Champ".  

Without an organization like this, I probably wouldn't have gotten to cherish those final 5 years of my old pal which we all know is just as fun as when they were a puppy.  My sister, mom and myself never took a minute with him forgranted filling our iPhones memory with pictures and videos of him and loving him till the very second he took his last breath in our arms at home on his favorite soft snow flake blanket November 1st, 2012.  

So this pet supply drive really made me feel great providing me with an opportunity to realize that grinding and working hard though all those tough times as a young entrepreneur payed off by giving me the platform to impact more than just our fellow Top Line Teams health.  

Being a part of this gym, once just an idea in my head, not only gives me the opportunity to add massive value to peoples lives and health but I'm now seeing that I can do so much more with this gym to help out in so many different ways as well as providing an easy way for you to make a huge impact in the process.  

To all of you who made this a success I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

I know how many of you have or have had dogs and pets.  

I've heard stories of JoJo's dog eating rabbits, Kimmy's bulldogger making it hard for her to get anything done with his cute squishy face by her, Eve's pup "Chip" who has been in for a session at the shop, big Johns dog who fill his instagram account lounging with him after a hard day at school, Robby's Bernese Pippa who my sister can't get enough of, Kaitlyn and Peggys cute furry friends (which one of them got that type of dog first is still debateable according to them),  Maurita who even gave her pals the profile picture on her Facebook account,  Nancy who literally just rescued a loveable little monster a week or two ago, and probably the most love I've seen for their pet after leaving us here on earth by Diana tattooing both her precious bulldogs on her chest which is the ultimate sign of how much a pet can mean to you. The list goes on and on.  

There are very few constants in life.  

But I know there are always 2. 

  • The Gym. 
  • Our Pets Love.  

Everything else is a bonus.  

ok ok… Family too :)  

Here is a quick thank you video staring myself and my best friend of 16 years and more, Champ Summers.  

See you all in the gym,

Thanks again!  






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