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July 2009, A little I weighed over 400 pounds. Fast forward 2 years, I was down to 206 pounds. All the years of being bullied, picked on and made fun of because of my weight, I could finally tell the haters bye-bye.

Today is a very special day.  

It's my gym sidekick, Elizabeth "Dizzard" Hanson's birthday!  

I met Dizzy Lizzy in the summer of 2009 for a free fitness evaluation, just a few months after Top Line officially opened up for business.  

I can honestly say that I don't think Top Line Gym would be where it is today (if it would even exist at all, actually) if it weren't for Dizz.  Which also means, I wouldn't be where I am either.  

I'm going to allow her version of the story to capture your attention in a moment but I have a few things to say about Dizz.

Dizz was my first big success story.  Seeing her work so hard and show up, gave me proof of concept as far as Top Line went.  She showed up, worked hard, listened to nutrition advice and went above and beyond with my recommended two/day workouts.  

Remember this was at a time when I was doing 1/1 training and it she was investing over $400/month to train with me, which is why I think a membership at Top Line now which averages $161/month is a steal...but I digress.  

Her hard work gave me the confidence I needed to keep Top Line going as a business because with the lack of customers and working out of other peoples gyms, I was close to calling it quits.  

Dizz made me become a better person and coach because I understood how to add massive value to someone other than myself. 



From 2009-2014 Dizz has been there for everything when it comes to Top Line.  

She helped me when I asked here if I should open my own gym.  Her exact words were "Go with the warehouse gym like you want, you can't be a cookie cutter gym like everyone else".  

She was there, day and night, to open the old, dirty and small 2,400 square foot facility we started with.  

She swept the floors as I blew cobwebs down from the ceiling and rafters.  

Dizz is the reason why I think these "hardcore" MMA fighters are P&$$*#$ for complaining about 15 or 20 pound weight cuts.  

"Hardcore" is being bullied, picked on, left out socially, feeling sick, being over 400 pounds and put into a life or death situation and being able to pick yourself up and fight back without excuses.  

Her success makes me expect more out of people because I know if she could push through it to her goal than everyone else can too.  

She went from being over 400 pounds to now being a strength athlete on the verge of her first powerlifting competition.  


Dizz is one of my personal assistants. 

She cleans the facility, keeps us stocked with supplies, mops and vacuums the floors, takes my F-150 in for maintenance, grabs me food all the time and about a million other things to keep me and Top Line running like a well oiled machine.  

I am lucky that she was born on this day however many years ago.  I am lucky that the God has a plan for everyones lives.  We go through tough times but in the end, if we keep pushing we will end up getting to where he really wants us to be.  

From now on, when you think of Top Line I want you to not only think of the gym, the equipment, the coach, the success, etc. but I want you to think about The Dizzy Lizzy story and remember that without her, Top Line Gym at 2012 w. bender road in Glendale, Wisconsin would most likely not exist.  

Dizz, I'm happy to call you my VP at the Top Shop and thank you for getting me and the gym to this point.  

Happy Birthday ya old Lizzard! 


P.S. DIZZAAAARD!!!! I need a meal warmed up ASAP.  Put a little hustle on it.  

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