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My squat has gone up from 315 for reps to 405 for reps. My deadlift has gone from 415 for reps to 510 for reps. This would not have been possible in the same amount of time if I had stayed at my old gym.

Success comes in many forms at Top Line.  

Anytime there is a positive impact to a measurable goal like speed, strength, body fat loss, confidence, mobility, pain levels etc. there has been a certain level of success.  

Todays Top Line story is about one of our Open Gym members (aka Bomb Squad members).  

It's the one and only "Brunner", a guy I am normally giving a lot of crap privately and publicly. 

Old Brunner is a really good dude.  

Like all of us, he has some funny qualities to him that I really like to joke on because we're buds.  He sits on his phone between work sets, wears five finger shoes, uses straps on accessory work when he doesn't need to, does really nasty looking "Pendlay Rows",  he likes watching the Bachelor tv show a little to much,  sticks with his size medium t-shirts from when he was 150 pounds when joining Top Line in 2012, he always starts conversations with this: Actually, I read an article online today.... and last but not least has been known to watch the little mermaid while putting a paraffin was on his hands while wrapped in pink blankets. (Pictured Below) 

But lets get into the crazy success he's had while training at the Top Shop as an open gym member (aka Bomb Squad) paying only $49/month with access to the most bad ass gym equipment in southeastern WI.  (Shameless Open Gym Plug)  

Brunners Story in his own words: 

Now thats what I'm talking about. 

He went from being This 150lb hopeful strength athlete (pic below) to becoming a 225 pound powerhouse in less than 2 years time.  

Here is some video footage of Brunner training at the shop.  


If you are sick of your current gym membership and haven't been seeing gains like this, be sure to scoop up a Top Line Gym Open Gym Membership for $49/Month-Month.  It will be the best decision you can make for your strength training ever.  Especially if you want to get bigger, stronger and faster.  Like Brunner, you may just be a bigger, faster, stronger turd but that least you'll be able to lift a lot.  


-Coach :) 

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