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What Temp is Your Thermostat Set At?

This is a question my mentor Darren Hardy mentioned once in an audio I was listening too.  
He was explaining  how our character, self-motivation, personal behaviors and daily habits are all set at a certain level like a thermostat.  And just like a homes thermostat, If it's too cold out your thermostat will raise the temp to warm up.  If its too hot outside the temp will go back down to cool back down.
  • To give a real world example think about the girl who wins a $50 million dollar lottery and goes broke in 2 years by shopping, taking trips and making other outrageous purchases.  Her temperature was set at a low level and no matter how heated her life got in a positive way on the outside, her character brought her right back down to her thermostats set point on the inside.  
  • How about another example that happens multiple times every football season about the pro football player who is living his dream but allows drugs or violence to bring his temp back to the chilly 32 degrees he had his behaviors set to.  Think Adrian Peterson, Adam “Pacman” Jones, Ray Rice, OJ Simpson etc. 
  • This brings us to the main point:  If you want more, you have to become more.  The "things" you pursue will elude you.  You have to become more by raising your set point so that no matter what you will create a character and behaviors that keep you consistent through the very good times and the highly disappointing ones as well.   
  • Is your thermostat set to average? or 
  • Is your thermostat set to greatness?  
Set it to 100% so that if things get rough, you will return back to a state of positivity, high energy and consistent productivity. This one piece of advice may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you, if not millions.  I’ll see you all in the shop later, and because its freezing outside, I’ll set the temp a little higher.  
ps. check out this video from one of Americas top motivational speakers Eric Thomas, on not being stuck on average.  

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