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5 Small Habits That Can Make or Break Your Entire Day Before You Even Leave Home

A lot of times we sabotage ourselves before we even leave the house.  

"Like" this post if you've ever woke up late, skipped breakfast and left for the day without bringing food for the rest of the day and forgot important work documents/files and gym clothes at home in your scurry to get out the door?

The effect this has on your day is catastrophic and some of the things you've missed aren't even listed above because you completely missed out on the opportunity by waking up shortly before you have to be at work.  

Lets note a few negatives before I give you the recipe for the perfect morning routine.

  • Your driving to work in a panic, speeding and raising your stress levels
  • You have arrived to work just in time or maybe late while also being unprepared 
  • You have no healthy food with you which will probably lead snacking and eating something less nutritional at lunch.  
  • You've forgotten your gym clothes at home and are probably starving when you get out of work so it will be much easier to skip the gym and head out to get something to eat.  

Now let's get right to the good stuff that can totally change that negative chain of events into a positive one.  

  1. Wake up 2 1/2 - 3 hours before your work day begins:  this will allow enough time for you to get to work a bit early and to accomplish the rest of your new morning routine.  
  2. Spend the first 10 minutes you are awake in gratitude: thinking of all the positive people, events, things and opportunities you have going on in your live.  This will help you start the day feeling great abundance rather than allowing your brain to start searching for all that you lack or all that is wrong with your life.  
  3. Spend 30 minutes reading something educational, uplifting or motivational:  This habit alone could be worth millions of dollars to you over the course of your lifetime.  This daily habit can be found in nearly all "successful" individuals.  Don't skip this one.  
  4. Spend 20 minutes: re-writing your long term goals and your 6 month goals onto paper:  I say re-write because you need to write them each day, not just read them.  Get into the habit of writing down your goals every single morning so that they are fresh in your head and your brain is more receptive to seeing opportunities because your brain has been exposed to what you are seeking through your daily habit of writing down your goals.  
  5. Spend 20 minutes writing down your 3 MVP's: (Most Valuable Priorities) as my Mentor Darren Hardy refers to them in his book "The Compound Effect".  Once you know what the 3 biggest priorities are for the day, map out your entire day on paper with specific objectives for the:  this includes everything from what time you get up to how much time you will spend on each task.  *You get extra credit if you do this one the night before, right before you go to sleep so that you will have it fresh in your head all night while you sleep and can spend 10-20 minutes reviewing this list in the morning.  

** Please note that drinking water and eating a complete & nutritious meal are considered givens to me.  Having a cup of coffee while you read for 30 minutes is an added bonus! 

To list all the benefits of this routine would take far to long.  To put it simply, this will move you ahead of the competition and put you on a direct path to your personal goals.  

Will you have the discipline and determination start this habit?  



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