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I failed in high school, I failed in college, I Failed in relationships and still Fail in business all the time. This is how I succeed.

Success and failure go together like peanut butter and jelly.  
We’ve all heard the story of Michael Jordan right.  You may know him as the greatest basketball player of all time, the Gatorade guy or the shoe kingpin. Either way, he started his high school basketball career being cut from the team!  Imagine if he viewed failure as the end all be all.  

Too often we get caught up in our failures or successes.  Big or small.  Sometimes we feel that if we fail, it’s the end of life as we know it or if we succeed, it’s as good as it gets.  
This way of thinking could be your single biggest personal limitation, causing you fear, inner turmoil and inaction daily.  
The secret in failing is learning why you failed and then making sure you can eliminate or limit the frequency of that failure from happening again in the future.  The secret is not stopping after you fail, but moving forward.  
After all, succeeding isn’t the end either because if you truly want to grow you will continually be stepping out of your comfort zone and doing new things, trying to grow, be expansive all the while learning from your mistakes (aka failures). 
I fail often, in fact if I haven’t failed in awhile I’ll specifically take some kind of risk just to make sure I’m pushing the envelope.  Lets take a quick look at a few of my notable failures.  
During my JV season of high school baseball as a sophomore I got picked off of first base because I had a bad lead off.  My coach (a former Milwaukee Brewer)  pulled me out of the game and sat me on the bench for the remainder of the game.  
I never got picked off at first again in the thousands of games I appeared in after that one.  
In 2004, after working as hard as I could to walk on, I missed the second half of my first division 1 baseball season at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Why?  My lack luster high school grades in one of my high school math classes didn’t meet the requirements of the D1 NCAA Academic Clearing House.  
I finished my freshman year of college on the academic deans list and earned my spot back on the baseball team the following year.
My biggest failures were In my late teens and very early 20’s when my focus was self centered.  What could I buy for myself.  What would make me happy.  What didn’t I like about this person.  Why I was right and they were wrong.  Where and how should I spend my time. 
Because of this self absorbed lifestyle and thought process I failed a couple of very significant relationships.  Nothing can take you to a lower place than failing a relationship.   
These failures changed me the most.  They changed me for the better.  They made me really look at myself in the mirror.  How I treated people.  They improved the work ethic, thoughts, goals and future and relationships I would build.  Life was no longer about me, it was about sacrificing myself for the greater good. It was through those huge life altering failures I  can now pride myself on my relationships. They are what make me jump out of bed every day excited about what I get to do.  They are what drive me to write blog posts, expand our facility, start new relationships, build onto the existing ones and strive to be and do more in this world.     
Baseball, the sport I played for over 20 years taught me the importance of failure.  It’s a sport where if you failed 7 times out of 10 you were considered an all-star.  So this is how I looked at it after each game.  
You went 1 for 4 during this game.  But if you just sat back on curve balls, you could have gone 3 for 4.
Learn and grow.  
For you, it might be… 
You binged on wine, chocolate and burgers all weekend and gained 5 pounds.  
Learn and grow.  
You stopped working out for 2 months because life got “hectic”.  
Learn and grow. 
You haven’t read a book in 5 years because you’ve been watching reality tv.  
Learn and grow.  
You slept in and hit snooze on your alarm this morning when you were supposed to be working on your to do list.  
Learn and grow.  
Failing only happens if you screw up but don’t learn and grow from it. 
Success only happens by totally messing up but actually learning from your mistake(s) and growing from them over and over and over again.  Failure after failure.   
Lets stop looking at it as a one or the other type of thing and start looking at it like peanut butter and jelly.  Sure you can eat one by itself but it’s at its best when mixed together.  
So go out and fail.  Fail hard. Fail fast.  Fail frequently.  
Then pick yourself up, learn, grow and succeed.  
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