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135 pound weakling gains 20 pounds in less than 4 months @ Top Line Gym

Alex Docter's story of going from 135 pound weakling to 155 pound athlete in less than 4 months is remarkable.  

It was just a few days before August 1st earlier this year.  My partner in a new business venture and Top Shop member named Jack referred a co-worker of his to the gym.  Which is always greatly appreciated! 

The guy walked in, full beard, short shorts and what looked like an empty pistol holster on his shorts.  

Let's just say It was quite obvious that he needed to hit the weights.  He began telling me his goals of going into the service, jumping out of planes,  wielding big rifles and saving lives.  I nodded my head, letting him know I understood his goals.   

That fact that he was about 135 pounds soaking wet, already had me devising a rigorous strength and conditioning program in my mind.  But, he stopped me and told me he had actually been thinking about joining a cross fit gym prior to coming to the old Top Shop and that he was really more interested in running and circuits.   

Now if you've ever been in Top Line, you know we constantly hit sprints.  Bodyweight, sleds, prowlers, dog sleds, It doesn't matter, we sprint with it.  

But running for distance?  It was the exact opposite of what this guy needed to be spending his training sessions on in order to accomplish his goals that he had very clearly laid out to me.    

I completely disregarded the running thing and began implementing what would get him to his goals the quickest.  After all, running just for running sake wasn't what he wanted.  He needs to be able to carry heavy gear and his strength would need to be up there to complete the tasks asked of him.  He wanted to prepare himself for war and everything it would involve.  

And that's exactly what we did.  

His starting point.  135 pounds.  Never strength trained in the past.  No idea how to eat or supplement to make gains.  See picture below. 


After a month of going through the basics of my initial programming, technique work on the big lifts and compound accessory movements his max effort lift numbers went like this: 

  • Squat: 170x5 
  • Bench: 115x5 
  • Dead Lift: 245x5
  • Dumbbell rows: 20# dumbbell x 12 reps 

Fast forward to late November of this year.  155 pounds and still very lean.  Less than 4 total months into his strength and conditioning program.  Eating, supplementing enough to make gains constantly and get big(ger). 

  • Squat: 230x3
  • Bench: 145x3 
  • Deadlift: 315x3 
  • Dumbbell rows: 70# dumbbell x 12 reps 


Alex's keys to success:

  • Daily Consistency:  He always shows up.  
  • Follows the program: He follows his programming and pushes himself harder each workout to set new personal records.
  • Ate, Drank and Supplemented as he was advised: Following our nutrition and supplement advice daily.  

It's just another Top Line success story that I'm proud to share.  More importantly I'm hoping that it inspires others to start this training journey towards their personal goals.  Weight loss, strength, size, speed whatever your goal may be, imagine what the next 4 months might hold for you.  You could be a completely different person physically.  Or if inaction rears its ugly head you could exactly the same or in even worse shape.  

Let me make the decision a little easier.  Here is a link to a no risk $37, full 2-week trial training program with us at Top Line.

I wanted to make it easy for you to take action and join Top Line so I'm offering it with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you try it for two weeks and don't see the benefit you can get a full refund.  

You're story is waiting to unfold.  You just need to take the first step.  

See you in the gym,



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