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5 Tips for Starting a Healthy New Lifestyle & Training Program

6 years ago at this exact time the Top Line era began. (note the Christmas hats) 

It's great to look at at picture like this and think back to the beginning stages of Top Line.  22 years old, still in college and extremely passionate about training, nutrition and one day opening our own gym.  My brother (from another mother) and business partner Alex Lever and I were thrilled to launch this startup.  
We didn’t know much about business (as you can see in the picture we were trying to change this part), we didn’t have much experience coaching anyone other than ourselves and we sure as heck didn’t have any money.  
But what we lacked in experience and finances we made up for with our daily lifestyle habits.  
The number one thing that helped us prepare for this new venture was the militant lifestyle we were accustom to while being college athletes and aspiring bodybuilders.  
For us,  this business meant that we would being doing a lot more than we were used to.  Instead of going to a job where we had one consistent set of tasks to accomplish. We were responsible for everything.  It was either do it, or fail.  Training, nutrition, scheduling, marketing, sales, janitorial, accounting, assistant, graphic design, errands, and the list would go on and on.  It sounded like a lot but we were up for the challenge.  
The bodybuilding and athlete lifestyle we lived gave us a system that we both still follow to this day.  Having a system in place for my training, self education, daily nutrition, business, and the other areas of my life keeps me healthy, full of energy and moving forward in a positive direction.  Getting into the habit of doing it constantly day in and day out is the hard part.  Once you start this system, your life becomes much easier to manage.  
The same lifestyle overhaul has to take place the second you’d decide you want to start a new healthy lifestyle & training program: 
You will need to wake up early.  
Prepare your meals ahead of time so that you don’t fall off track.  
Go to work
Make sure you run to the supplement store after work so you have the right stuff while you train (unless you train at Top Line and have supps right there for you).  
Drive to the gym 
Train extremely hard for 1-2 hours 
Get home shower, take care of your family, house or school work 
Then You’ve got to get to bed early so you can rest, recover & get up and do it all again the next day.  
Creating and cultivating a “lifestyle system” to make your training pay off is critical to your success.  It’s also very necessary to make sure that other areas of your life don’t suffer because of the attention you are giving to one specific part of your day.  Here are a few basic tips to help you start the whole process.  
5 Key Tips to Starting a Healthy New Lifestyle and Training Program 
  1. Find a coach:  Reinventing the wheel is going to waste time and in most cases will discourage you from ever fully making this lifestyle change.  Why not learn from someone who has been there and helped others succeed in the same situation that you're in?  Why not avoid all the land mines and pot holes that they can teach you to maneuver around?  Wouldn't it be worth it to you to accomplish your goal 90% faster than if you did it on your own?  *this advice goes for all the other areas of your life too.  If at any age, or any point of your life, you do not have a coach for some area of your life, you are truly missing out.  
  2. Think in terms of addition when it comes to food & nutrition:  Instead of looking at all the things you have to remove or subtract from your current lifestyle.  Change your mindset to thinking about all the great foods and experiences you can add by making this change.  Change the ratio of 90 percent unhealthy nutrition and 10% healthy to 90% healthy and 10% unhealthy you will start reaching goals at warp speed.  Flip the script.  
  3. Start Drinking:  No, not that kind of drinking.  I’m talking about water.  This is something that can help you immediately.  Its free and easy to do.  How much?  Just keep drinking, chances are you’re probably not getting enough. Start and finish your days with a big glass of water.  
  4. Tell yourself whats going to happen:  Stop saying: “I hope I will get bigger, stronger and more ripped”,  “Maybe I will get into great shape”, or “I just want to lose 20 pounds”.  Start saying: “I am big, strong and ripped”.  "I am in great shape.”  "I lost 20 pounds and I’m thinking about dropping another 20."  This type of thinking and positive self talk will draw you closer to your goal than it would the other way around.  Start seeing yourself as a success and the success will come your way.  
  5. Read:  Anytime you are about to embark on something new, my initial thought is always to start reading.  Don’t read everything.  If you have decided to hire a coach then ask them where they suggest you go to get your health, nutrition, training information.  Ask them what books, videos, audios, bloggers, etc will give you the best information to succeed.  Knowledge is the new money.  
As the new year draws closer, a fresh chapter of your life is about to unfold.  
You may have been thinking about starting up a new healthy lifestyle and training program for quite some time now but just need help in getting started.  
We’ve dedicated our entire business to helping individuals just like you make healthy lifestyle changes and start new training programs since 2008 and 2015 will be no different.  
Don’t hesitate to start.  In fact, we have designed a 2 week (no strings attached) $37 trial offer with a Money Back Guarantee.  
It’s the easiest and least risk you can take in starting the best year of your life.  Follow this link ($37 Two Week Trial) and buy this 2 week trial offer before all the limited (20) spots fill up.  
Here’s to a new week and your best year ever! 
See you in the gym,
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