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Training For Success: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

People march into gyms all over the world and either do the same routine over and over again, or have no plan whatsoever.  The former only results in your body adapting to the same workout and doesn’t allow for optimum muscle recovery or fat burning. The latter occasionally results in an excellent workout, but generally does not for the athlete that is not advanced enough to train instinctively. Either way, if you approach your training the same way over and over again, whatever that training may be, you will get the same results that you always have.

To illustrate, when I walk into the gym, I already know what muscle group I will be working, whether or not I will be doing cardio and how much, and a rough roadmap of the exercises I will perform to train said muscle group.  If I am training with Coach B, he goes beyond by requesting a fully written and planned training session on a dry erase board and 10 minutes to review and meditate on in his office.  He says "I want to think about the workout prior to stepping into the gym so that by the time I touch the weights it's like hitting play on a recording that has already been rehearsed in my mind prior to the first rep".  Beyond that, we also train instinctively once the training commences, but we have been doing this for a combined 24 years making it easy for us to listen to our bodies and make adjustments as we go. When I first started working out, I had no plan whatsoever prior to setting foot into the gym. As you might imagine, my workouts and results were not consistent or optimal.

As years passed, I asked those that were in the shape I aspired to be in and read magazines and internet articles to gather knowledge to improve my workouts. For example, I learned that working a muscle group 3-4 times a week would not make that muscle grow bigger. In fact, it would result in the opposite. Not providing my body the proper nutrition, recovery time, and rest would actually lead to stagnation and possibly even muscle breakdown, contrary to my goal of muscle growth. Obviously, this is a simplistic example, but an easy mistake to make for the typical beginner.

The point is that the more that you think about what you want and how you are going to achieve it, the better the chance that you will. So, if your fitness goal is losing body fat, concentrate on all the ways you can increase your fat loss through books, articles, and especially coaches who have been there before. The same efforts can be applied if your goal is building strength or muscle mass, you need to think about and find ways to make this goal happen. Your nutrition is critical no matter what your fitness goal. I will discuss this in depth in a future blog if you are interested in gaining information that will give you optimal results no matter your goal, as nutrition is the most critical component.

Also of significance, is that you never stop learning. I am still learning week in and week out after over a decade of training. I have learned more in the last year than I learned in the first five years of my training. Top Line would like to save you the time and hassle of making mistakes by giving you the proper workouts tailored to your fitness goals. Our goal is to help you avoid years of mistakes and missteps in your training and nutrition plans,  providing the best programs & always answering questions along the way to supplement your knowledge and craft the best workout possible for your fitness goals. If you have any questions ask Coach B, myself, or any other Topline member that has achieved results you aspire to.

Note about the author: Chris Hammond is a competitive bodybuilder having nothing but 1st and 2nd place finishes under his belt as an amateur.  Chris has been training day in and day out for over a decade, using nearly every possible method for building size, strength and maintaining proper conditioning levels.  His vast knowledge in the field of sports nutrition and proper supplementation is clearly evident by his contest placings and the physique he brings on a daily basis.  Chris is also a single father of an exceptional young son named Dominic “aka the dominator or dommy” who was diagnosed with autism early in life but with strong parenting, operates daily as if he never had been diagnosed and is a very inspiring story in himself.  As a Top Line sponsored athlete, Chris brings a lot of value to our readers and will be contributing to the blog on a regular basis.  

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