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My Big 8 PR Songs List

2002: inside an old, dirty, dark basement gym of Menomonee Falls High School.  Prior to our Friday Night football games our entire team of 50 or 60 players would find a spot inside of our old school team gym and sit down.  One of the captains would hit the lights and turn on some crazy heavy song while we sat there in the pitch black.  No doors. No windows. Just a group of brothers.  Sitting in the dark focused on the task at hand.  The mixture of the music and pure focus put you in a killer mindset.  When those lights came back on, the look in everyone eyes was pure.    

Present Day: Chalked, wrapped, belted.  The ammonia dilates your pupils and smacks your central nervous system.  It's on.  Focused on nothing but moving the weight.  Mentally picturing the perfect rep(s).  Nothing else matters.  Nothing could distract you.  The music screams over the surround sound system.  You unrack the heaviest weight you've ever attempted while your training partners scream in your face.  Stay Tight!  Up Up Up Up Up! The weight crashes back into the rack.  A new PR has been set.  But it won't last long.  They never do.  It's why we do what we do.  It's why we keep coming back to this old warehouse to train day in and day out.  Its why we push past the injuries, failures, setbacks & stresses of everyday life.  To push ourselves to a new level.  To become more than we were prior to grabbing the barbell.  To see what we are truly capable of.  To accomplish something that at one point could only be considered "wishful thinking".  

It doesn't matter if its a 1 rep max or a 2-3-5-8-12-20-50 rep record, it still means a that you've accomplished something new.  Personally, music is important to me when training.  I'm passionate about music and it takes a certain kind of sound to pull out the best in me when I train.  There are days when I can train to anything: rap, metal, rock.  but then there are those days where I'm trying to push myself and I need that extra thing to push me over the edge and music usually does the trick (ok ok, along with chalk everywhere, training partners slapping me, staring face to face into the brick walls for 2 minutes, etc).  

Anyway here are the big 8 of my favorite songs to PR Too (try them out on your next PR) 

#1) Fame by Kontraband


#2) Ambitionz as a ridah by Tupac 


#3) I Never Wanted by As I Lay Dying 


#4) Day by Day or Relentless Chaos by Miss May I *link will lead back to youtube 


#5) Relentless Chaos by Miss May I  *link will lead back to youtube 


#6) Breathless by Asking Alexandria  *link will lead back to youtube 


#7) Oblivion 30 Seconds to Mars (surprising but it shreds when played at high volumes)  *link will lead back to youtube 


#8) Right now by Korn  *link will lead back to youtube 





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