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Is there something you’d really like to accomplish?  Is there somewhere you’d like to travel.   Is there someone you’d like to talk to or meet?  Is there a swim suit you’d love to fit into?  Is there a bench press weight you’d really like to put on the bar and attempt?   Is there a dream hidden inside you that you just won’t let out?
If you’ve answered yes, it’s ok.  You’re not alone.  In fact, I’d venture to say that most people fall into this category of hidden aspirations.   
Why haven’t we done the thing that we so want to do? What holds us back?  
We like to be comfortable.  The status quo is much easier than trying to accomplish anything new and risky.  I mean come on, What if we fail?  What if our feelings get hurt?  What if it’s too hard? 
Comfort leads to a trait that I’ve tried to avoid since grade school.  Something that everyone should fear.  It’s probably the scariest & worst thing that can happen to someone in their lives.  
It’s called mediocrity (or conformity).  Mediocrity is the killer of dreams and potential.  It stops you dead in your tracks.  
Here are a few examples of how comfort = Mediocrity.  
Never missing your favorite tv shows instead of reading a book is comfortable.  It makes your mind mediocre.  
Only doing more than is asked at your job is comfortable.  It makes your value and contribution mediocre.  
Eating cookies and cupcakes at night instead of a spinach, kale, whey protein, almond milk, berry mixed smoothie is a comfort thing.  It makes your physique mediocre.  
Continuing to hit the same weights week in and week out without ever attempting a new personal record is a comfort thing.  It makes your strength mediocre.   
Not texting sweet things to your significant other like you used to do when you first started dating because you have been in the relationship for awhile now is a comfort thing.  It makes your relationship mediocre.  
We’re like rubber bands.  
Rubber bands that haven’t been stretched yet.  
John C. Maxwell, one of my great mentors touches on this subject of our ability to “stretch” ourselves in order to reach our potential.  
Through an exercise using a rubber band he noted that we can easily see that all of the uses of a rubber band call for the band to be stretched.  Without stretching, the band will be useless.  Without purpose.  Never fully reaching its true potential.  Not much different than us.  
We need to learn how to stretch ourselves.  Get out of our comfort zone.  Go above and beyond.  Wow our bosses.  Wow our co-workers.  Wow our mentors.  Wow our significant others.  Wow strangers we just met.  We need to go above and beyond.  
We need to stretch into our inner most potential or we will die a little bit each and every day we fail to take action.  
So I have a challenge for you.  All week long I am going to have a bag of good old fashioned rubber bands in the supp store of the Top Shop to grab on your way in or out.  No logos or motivational quotes. Just a nude colored rubber band.  The challenge is to wear one of these on your wrist for the next 7-30 days as a reminder to side step your comfort zone.  Just a little something to say hey, lets get up, get out and go stretch.  
Any time you find yourself settling into one of your comfortable routines when you know that you could be doing something better with your time, pull that band back and let it snap.  Trust me, you’ll be able to handle the pain.  
Occasionally we can take the band off to release the tension and that’s ok.  Especially after a week on constant stretching.  This tension release will actually increase your productivity and feel kind of like plugging yourself in to re-charge like your iPhone.  But we need to change the ratio of being 90 relaxed and 10 percent stretched to the opposite and watch ourselves and the people around us grow because of our leading example.  
I hope everyone is having a great Monday and remembers that “yesterday ended last night”.  
Today is the start of a new week of possibilities and it is going to be a great one!  
See you in the Gym 2:30-7pm.  
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