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Watching American Sniper leads to epic cheat meal

Over the weekend myself and a few friends decided to take in a movie and picked American Sniper on North Shore Cinema's Ultra Screen. 

We were all prepared, ordered our movie tickets the day before of course so that we could get the best seating possible. Up high and close to the isle for quick bathroom breaks with all the water I drink.  So we stand in line and grab a 2 huge buckets of popcorn (with butter sauce)  and plenty of salt, walk up to the ticket taker, grab our portion of the tickets and walk in ready for a great movie.  

To our surprise we accidentally pre-ordered 8 tickets in the middle of the first and second row of the theater.  Now if you've never been to show on the ultra screen you have to understand that this is a 3-story movie screen!  Not exactly the kind of screen you want to be sitting 10ft away from for a flick.  We really wanted to see the movie and it was sold out the rest of the night so we figured we'd grin and bear it (testing our bladder control in the process).  

So what does this have to do with cheat meals and re-feeds?  Not much.  But it's a funny story and it led to an epic cheat meal.  

(Photographic Proof) 

After killing the huge buckets of buttered popcorn during the film the six of us that were left went back to my place and destroyed 4 pizza's (3 medium and 1 large) from one of Cedarburg's hidden treasures "Romano's Pizza".  A typical weekend "cheat meal".  

Let me give you my personal definition & distinction of cheat meals and re-feed meals: 

  • Cheat Meals:  good Italian, pizza's, ice cream, cookies, brownies, cakes, cheese burgers, french fries,  huge steaks, bacon anything, nachos, wings etc.  You get the hint.  Basically anything that would not be approved to eat on a consistent daily basis.  
  • Re-Feeds:  Incorporating a higher amount of healthier foods like fruits, whole grain pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, honey, all natural peanut butter.  Stuff that you probably (hopefully) already eat on a daily basis in your healthy meal plan but in a larger portion to increase caloric intake and increase glycogen stores.  

Should you have a cheat or a re-feed? 

  • Cheat if you have earned it by consistently losing body fat week after week or haven't missed a meal in 5-10 days or if you are about to lose it mentally due to your mind numbing and boring daily diet.  
  • Re-feed if you have a hard time losing weight consistently, carry a lot of body fat or are just starting a meal plan and training regimen.   

3 perfect excuses to having a cheat meal or re-feed: 

  1. Dieting for long durations can deplete your energy and glycogen stores taking your training sessions down he drain.  Having a cheat meal or a re-feed could be just what you needed to train harder & longer.  
  2. A super clean meal plan is great but it can also tax you mentally.  While I always believe you should eat to live instead of living to eat, I also understand that food is one of lives simplest pleasures and should be indulged on occasion to break the daily grind of training and consuming clean meals.  
  3. Long term diet/meal plans without cheating or re-feeds can actually slow your metabolism and make it nearly impossible to lose body fat.  You need to take care of your metabolism and massage it by eating peanut butter cups ice cream on top of a brownie (cheat meal) or having 2 sweet potatoes with brown sugar and honey (re-feed) every once in awhile.  These types of cheats or re-feeds can put your metabolism back on high alert so you can keep the progress coming.  

So, to give you three action steps: 

  1. Cheat & re-feed occasionally by listening to your body and mind 
  2. Always double check your movie tickets before paying for them in advance 
  3. Try Romano's Pizzeria in Cedarburg 

See you in the shop! 



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