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You can't measure what you don't track

What a game last night!  

This year's Super Bowl delivered a high quality football game with plenty of drama.  

We even got to see king of trash talk Richard Sherman have the rug pulled out from underneath his feet as his QB tossed the game ending interception to a Patriots cornerback on the 1-yard line.  See his reaction in the picture below.  

Tom Brady, who will be known as one of the best quarterbacks of all time threw for 4 touchdowns including his most critical pass in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.  

When it came time to name the MVP of the game, Brady's name was called without hesitation.  

When we review the numbers it shows that Brady also threw 2 interceptions early in the game that looked as if they might cost them the win, but he pulled it together and finished strong putting his team in the best position to win.  

4 Touchdowns 2 Interceptions.  That's a 66% success rate.  

Even though he failed 2 times early on, he had the time to review his mistakes and make the adjustments necessary to succeed. 

You and I have the same opportunity, but we need to be able to see our numbers clearly just like pro athletes in every major sport. 

It's February 2nd, 2015.  

So its been a month since you set new years goals for yourself.  Or, in the case of most Top Shop members it's been another month of working towards the goals I've had you set for yourself countless times throughout the year.  

Some people took 5 big steps forward in January and others have taken 10 steps back.  

I see a high amount of people missing the mark by failing to review their personal and professional performance.  

Instead most will wait until a coach, boss, significant other or friend tells them where they are messing up which makes them feel much worse than if they'd pin pointed their own key areas where improvement is necessary.  

No sports team ever, would just throw their players on the field without reviewing their past and ongoing performances to gauge how they will perform on game day.  

You should be just as deliberate if not more about yourself by coming up with a personal review and tracking system for your life.  

Here is a simple 2 step process to tracking & measuring your personal performance: 

#1) Write down your daily objectives and daily MVP's (Most Valuable Priorities) on paper every single day: During or at the end of each day put an X next to the items you've completed and a O next to the things that didn't get finish or that need to be moved to the following day.  Write out everything.  What you will listen to while you drive.  What you will read or listen to while you eat breakfast.  When you will take breaks and what you will do during the break (preferably think and drink-water not Facebook trolling).  What is the amount of time you will spend on key projects.  When will you fit in time for your main squeeze and what special things can you do for him or her?  Write it all down.  The more information you are measuring the better you can track and improve it.  

#2)  At the end of each week/month review your performance and note key areas that need improvement to bring you closer to your goals.  

Always remember this:  You can't measure what you don't track.  

I recommend grabbing a really good cup of coffee (maybe even try the single brew Clover system at starbucks with a tall blonde roast, 3 pumps of sugar free mocha & just a little heavy whipping cream) and sitting down with a legal pad, pen and review your performance each month.  Look back at all your daily objectives and MVPs.  Celebrate your accomplishments and draft a specific effort towards improving your mistakes and making the right adjustments.  

Just like Tom Brady, you can fail a couple of times and still turn out to be the MVP God designed you to be.  Just as long as you know where you need to make adjustments and improve so that you can change the ratio in your favor.  

Be intentional about improving yourself.  After all, your life depends on it.  

I hope February will be your best month ever.  

See you in the gym for another strong week,


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