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One thing that can change everything for the better

Last week Wednesday, which is my day off from in-gym coaching so I can focus on other areas of the business that need attention, I made a mistake. 

My day was going great, checking things off my to do list one by one. I finally reached one of my favorite checklist items (Train 2:30-4:30 Accessory Work). 

I was pumped. I hammered a 200 shot tab of caffeine, ate some oats and whey, and hopped in my rig to head to the shop. Two minutes down the street, my steering wheel was pulling hard to the right and I knew immediately I had a flat, knowing I had just had my oil changed and tires filled the day before. 

I stormed down my street back to my house and went inside to have the tire situation taken care of and to grab another car to get my workout in. 

Not too long after, I left the house and arrived at the shop, but, in the words of one of the worse rappers ever, Drake, I was on one. Ticked off. Right then and there I realized that it was a mistake for me to be in the gym for long because I wasn’t me at the moment and I didn’t want it to rub off on anyone else. That’s when I realized that I fell victim to something totally avoidable. 

You see, we tend to worry about our finances, our relationships, our careers, our health, our education, our faith, our legacy. We are thinking about factors in relation to those things 24/7. 

But every day, we forget to turn our attention to the one word that can make or break every single one of those areas in our lives. 


In a book I’m reading by one of my great mentors, Mr. John C. Maxwell, titled “How High Will You Climb?” I learned something new that really changed my perspective. 

Did you know that airplanes have what’s called an attitude indicator? The attitude indicator is dictated by the airplane's placement in relation to the horizon. 

When the airplane is climbing higher and higher, it’s called a "nose-high attitude" and when it's diving it's called a "nose-down attitude." It also was cool to know that instead of looking at the beautiful mountains or landscape that pilots are flying past, they are more concerned with the attitude of their plane because it dictates the plane's performance. 

Maxwell then points out the obvious question, “Doesn’t an individual's attitude dictate his performance?" 

Let's look back at my personal example. Eventually the service guys showed up while I was already on my way to the gym in another vehicle and put the air in my tire that had been compromised because of re-filling it when it was too cold the day before. So my tire was fine and I was at the gym, but I allowed my circumstances to dictate my attitude instead of the other way around. 

Had I kept my cool, I could have enjoyed one of my favorite parts of the day and returned home to a fully-filled tire and resumed my day. 

If I dug into my past, I could recall many times where copping a major “tude” was a big mistake but I believe that yesterday ended last night and today is my only concern. 

Now, just like me, you’ve been reminded to focus on your attitude first so that your performance in your relationships, health-care, finances, career, education, faith, and legacies can climb higher and higher. 

Try paying more attention to your attitude for the next 7-14 days.  

I promise it will impact all of the most important areas of your life in a very positive way! 



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