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Bullies Suck!  

There is no nice way to say it.  Kid's can be super mean and cruel (yes we agree, adults can, too).  The things that one kid can say can have negative effects on an individual for the rest of their life.  
Some kids are heavy.  Some kids are thin.  Some kids are geeks. 

So what!?!?! 
When you get older, you understand that everyone is different, but when you are a kid it’s just something easy to make light of, or even worse poke fun at it.  All the while the husky or scrawny victims aren't getting to laugh much at all.  

Even with technology and google, kids from pre-school all the way into college are marketed and sold an unhealthy diet filled with traps like "low-fat, low-sugar, fat-free, added protein" at every turn.  It's online, it's on tv, it's being laid out on the table at home, it's everywhere. Their diet isn't only affected by today's media and marketing hype either. Their nutritional guidelines are probably passed down from their parents and their parents' parents.  Most of these diets are antiquated and very unhealthy and that can be seen in today’s youth and adults.  The parents are fed lies like going out to dinner will be more affordable than eating healthy when in actuality, it’s the exact opposite.  Think about the cost of a salad at a Cheesecake Factory compared to what you would pay at the grocery store!

Kids have an excuse.  They don't buy the groceries or make the menu.  They don't have years of life experience under their belts and the ability to make their own decisions. 
When it comes to the bullies, we have to understand that they will hopefully grow out of that stage.  In fact, a lot of those bullies turn into great or at least half-way decent people as they get older and wiser.  However that does not dull the effects of their bullying on their victims.  The kids being bullied are still left mentally and physically hurt.  

So someone needs to have their back.  

Enter Top Line.  
We want to help.  
We want to make an impact on someone’s mental and physical health.  
We want to change someone’s life.  
We want to increase their confidence.  
We want to show them how to eat healthier and how to exercise enough to be fit and healthy.  
We want them to understand that even though being picked on and laughed at is mean and cruel, it's actually part of life.  Heck even the president of the United Sates of American is disliked, mocked, and even hated by 49% of the people he leads.  But they need someone to believe in them and to lead them into a healthier lifestyle.  A team of support who can set them up for a healthier life and the ability to combat the adverse criticism of fools.    
We are asking you that if you know someone personally or have a friend, family member, or co-worker who has a kid that is bullied about their weight or body to let us know. They could be in grade school, high school, or college.  It doesn’t matter.  If we can help them and make a positive impact on their lives and sense of self worth, please tell us who they are and how we can reach out to them and start their journey towards a life full of positive vibes.  Call us at:  262-309-5550.  Email us at:  Or even just send us a message on Facebook:  @toplinegym.  
We are going to be doing this 100% Free.  That is why we have to start with 1.  That’s where it all starts.  1 person.  1 life.  1 big change.  
For all of our adult, paying members...Thank you for understanding why we would do this for someone at no cost.  You are contributing to a major impact on a young person’s life and we appreciate being in a position to do something like this and it’s all thanks to you.   If you have a problem with us doing this, we will gladly set an appointment with one of the many professional MMA fighters we sponsor and train at Top Line for you to go a few rounds with and get some sense knocked into ya!  Nah, I’m just teasing you, but we really hope you’re on board and will help us find that 1 special kid who needs our help.  
Elizabeth “Dizzard” Hanson, one of Top Line;s first and biggest transformations lost 200 pounds with Top Line.  Growing up, her confidence was low.  She was teased, uncomfortable, and suffered all sorts of physical and emotional setbacks due to her poor diet and health.  By her late 20s, she had learned how to eat healthy, exercise, and live a healthier lifestyle.  Her life forever changed, for the better.  
Why make someone else wait until they are nearing their 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s to learn and understand the gift of health?  
Let’s start with 1.  From one will come 10’s.  From 10’s to hundreds and hundreds to thousands.  Let’s lead this change with 1 special kid.  
Sometimes people just need someone to say “Hey,  I believe in you.  You can do this.  I’ll show you the way.” 
Who’s with me?  
Bullying Change Children Help Impact Kids Transformation

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