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Jennifer Overcomes All of Her Workout Fears

This story is written by my sister Jen, a long-time Top Line employee and supporter.  

Sometimes (more like 90% of the time), I do my best work when I just get out of the way.  I'm going to do that by re-sharing her life-changing story below.  After you read it, take a minute and think about your current story.  Think about what is holding you back and how much potential you are leaving untapped due to fears, challenges, and anxiety.  Here is Jen’s story in her own words...  

"What are your biggest fears? What's holding you back?" 

My 3 biggest fears were: intimidation, fear, and self doubt. I NEVER wanted to workout in front of dudes. "What will they think?" "Will they make fun of me?" "What if I can't do it?" "What if I get tired and look like an idiot?" "I'm not in shape like all the other girls I see in the gym." -All of these fears were holding me back. 

Last November I went through an experience that could either make me or break me. For months i allowed it to break me down, make me feel weak and no good. I beat myself up daily and was so defeated. I started attending church every Saturday night looking for that spiritual guidance I needed to pick me back up when I had fallen so far. It was so healthy for my soul. But what about my body? My physical well being? Eating like garbage, never working out… I had lost a bunch of weight when the gym first opened in 2011 then got comfortable and stayed the same. I lost my hunger for results because I let my fears strip it away from me. 

Then one Sunday afternoon the second week this January, my brother summoned me for a one-on-one meeting.  I didn't know what was in store for me. He took 3 hours of his time to sit me down (during the Packers NFL playoff game that he didn't really want to miss) and asked me one vital question. "WHY NOT YOU?" He knew of my struggles, he knew how depressed and down on myself I was...He asked why can’t you feel good about yourself?  Why can't you show all these loser guys who have constantly treated you like crap that you're amazing and you have so much potential in you and they missed out on a great girl?  He asked me what was holding me back.  I told him I was scared. Plain and simple. I did NOT want to workout in front of people.  Point blank. 

See, in order for every area of your life to fall in place, you have to feel good about YOURSELF first.  You can't constantly be down on yourself and feeling like crap.  There's no self worth or confidence there!  He took 3 whole hours to give me the motivation I needed to dive in head first. 

That very next Monday was the start of the most intense training of my life.  I started working out at Top Line and suddenly I was making all of these new friends, ones I never spoke to before, ones who lift me up, support me, encourage me to be better. 

If you're spiritually and physically healthy with an entire squad behind you who supports your lifestyle, the SKY IS THE LIMIT! The second you bend down to grab that bar, hear the music blasting, and have people around you screaming at you to get going and telling you exactly what to do…there's no better feeling!  You know you're pushing yourself to be better.  I have the world's largest support system behind me.  I have a mentor who has made my life change in a drastic matter in the last 5 months.  I feel better, I feel strong, I feel healthy, and I feel like I can do anything! 

Never in my life did I think that I, Jenny Summers, would be deadlifting.  Now, training is something I cannot live without.  Top line is a Family, an Entourage of Encouragement. And I owe all of accomplishments to my brother for giving me that final push I needed to change my entire life around. 

Last thing I will share with you is the moment it got real for me.  
It was a Friday Open Gym time in January.  I was with my girls doing conditioning, sprint drills with the sleds on the turf. Suddenly,  NFL stud Travis Beckhum and his boys walk in the gym.  My first thought was ohhhh gosh how am I going to do this?  It was a pivotal turning point. Suddenly I found myself right next to him and all of these dudes right on the turf working out right along side them. I thought, "WOW!!!! I'm working out next to an NFL player."  My fears melted away. That was it! The ultimate push to stop worrying and just do it! I'm sharing this with you, so if any of you are struggling with your weight or being scared (which I personally know some of you who are)... 

You are always welcome at Top Line!  Brett and I and any other member here will happily lift you up and help you strip your fears away, too!  I can say without a doubt, I'm a brand new Jen. Also, thank you to every single friend of mine who has been there for me, encouraged me, and helped me in the know who you are!  Have a great day everyone and remember, there's no fear worse than self doubt.  So get over that today!  Make a positive impact on your own life to a better version of you! 


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