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Do Yourself a Favor and Quit

Our simple piece of advice to improve your life immediately in every area: Quit 

"Busyness, long hours, and hard work do not necessarily equal success."  
-Darren Hardy

I pulled this quote from a brilliant book written by my mentor Darren Hardy that I'm currently re-reading for the fourth time. 

We've all heard the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter stories -- especially fitness people brag about how they grind 24/7 or never sleep.  They champion themselves for doing everything including the unimportant and giving up everything else in the process.  

While I agree that this is a necessary and effective strategy in order to ignite change, I do not believe it to be a long term solution.  It's not sustainable and requires you to drive through your life with brute force leaving you battered and broken at the end of the day.  

A well planned and intelligent strategy executed with laser-like focus on 3 or less key priorities while quitting everything else that is not significantly impacting those 2 or 3 vital objectives is the more successful approach.  

Be a quitter.  

Quit everything that does not push or move your life in the direction you need to go so you can pour all your effort, focus, and resources into the couple of things that your success hinges on.  

When it comes to your faith, relationships, health, career, and finances, you need to boil it down to one, two, or three strategic priorities. 

For Example:  Health
  1. Prep clean meals & water every three days.
  2. Train hard six days per week for 90-120 minutes. 
  3. Rest and recover. 

To make your life more effective, you'll need to quit thinking about or participating in any activites that do not significantly improve your current circumstances.  

So go tell you friends that your coach told you to quit and they should, too.  


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