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Reaching My Goals in the Gym Had a Direct Correlation to the Rest of My Life

One of our day one members and one of my close friends Kimberly "Kimmy" Baker has earned an amazing physique thanks to all of her hard work over the past 4 years at Top Line.  Her story had to be shared because it's truly what Top Line stands for and could be just what you needed to read in order to change your story when it comes to starting a new healthier lifestyle.  
"When Brett first asked me to write a little something about my lifestyle and the journey I've been on so far, my first thought was where do I even start?! Which really just goes to show how far I've come. Four years ago, I was a year out of beauty school finishing up my assistant program at a salon on the east side. If I wasn't at work, you could find me and my girls out at whatever bar we felt like going to that night. My idea of a good workout was running on the treadmill and a couple of crunches on the stability ball. As far as my diet, I was always trying whatever fad diet was out there. Low carb, no carb, low fat, fat free, juice cleanse, you name it, I've tried it.
     So after having very little success on my own, I turned to a personal trainer. I was so excited...I thought finally I'll have the perfect body. As if simply just having a trainer was going to unlock some magical key to my perfect body. I was making some positive choices and seeing some positive changes. But the weight wasn't melting off like I thought it was going to. Nothing was coming easily for me. I'm not naturally thin or naturally athletic. The only thing I am naturally is curvy and short. Which in my mind was the worst combination. So I would get frustrated and I would quit. I'd skip reps, I'd skip workouts, I'd eat too much ice cream. I had no idea how much work getting this "perfect body" was going to take.

       So after getting tired of starting over every other month, something happened. I started training with my coach at Top Line.  I became more and more focused. I became more goal oriented. And not just when it came to my body. My job, my relationships, everything. I wanted to be the best stylist, the best girlfriend, the best sister, the best daughter...the best version of myself I could possibly be. Reaching my goals in the gym had a direct correlation to the rest of my life.    The discipline and confidence overflowed into everything I took on. I finally unlocked this headspace where I enjoyed the pain of those last few reps and skipping a workout was the last thing on my mind. This new lifestyle brought me the one thing I never had before...consistency. It wasn't quick and it wasn't easy and it's far from over.” 
-Kimberly Baker 

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