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"I treat every challenge in life like it’s my last rep, and I'm NOT afraid to fail.”

Hope you enjoyed your overnight refrigerator oatmeal yesterday.  

Thought you might be interested to read what Michelle, one of my clients at Top Line Gym who also is a hair stylist (and just happens to be my superstar girlfriend!), has to say…

(Michelle Above in 2012 prior to her lifestyle transformation) 

“I've been right where some of you are -- scared, confused, and not knowing how to even start. I know what it's like to be "over weight" and also "underweight." I've tried anything I saw in magazines, on tv, or on the store shelf. I had a membership at a local gym (and dreaded going) where I would look around to see what other people were doing. I know what it's like to start and be afraid to "fail." And mostly, I think back to how much time I could have had being the healthiest version of myself mentally and physically, if I just had help.

(Michelle above currently in the best shape of her life!) 

So one day it hit me. I began thinking, why not me??  For me, the first step in my story to becoming the best me was getting the knowledge I needed to start making some big changes. Four years ago in April, I joined Topline Gym while at the same time starting a new job at Neroli Salon and Spa , working a second job, and prepping to start cosmetology school in just a few short months. I signed up for only 3 months because I didn't know if I would "have the time once school started." Boy, did that change!  My gym time became my "Me" time. I was devastated if I didn't make it to my workout session. I would even say it was the best part of my days. Little did I know that eating the right food, drinking enough water, and working out would fuel me with the endless energy I needed to tackle my new adventures.  Without that, I don't know that I would be where I am today. Fast forward to 4 years later, working out on a daily basis is just part of my day and now people look to me in the gym for help! The confidence I feel serving my guests every day has encouraged me to make huge "gains" in my career. Lastly, I treat every challenge in life like it’s my last rep, and I'm NOT afraid to fail.”


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