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Enough is Enough: 4 Tips to Follow during Tough Times

Life is filled with obstacles.  Things happen to us when we least expect it.  We will face adversity, challenges and roadblocks all along the path towards our goals.  When this happens, we have two choices. 

We can tolerate it, curl up into a little ball and quit.  Or.  We can take a page out of Champion MMA Fighter Omar's book (pictured above) and jump, fight and soar over those problems.    

My Rules of Thumb in Hard Times:  
  1. Stay faithful:  Whatever you believe in, stay true to it especially during the hard times.  I like to look at hard times as God acting like a trainer would and telling me to do 10 more reps when I don't even think I can do one.  And sure enough, I have 10 or 15 left in me and I develop real muscle and grit.  God is the greatest trainer on earth. 
  2. Do not tolerate it:  If something hard is going on in your life you can either cry and moan or you can focus on a solution and choose to not tolerate your circumstances.  You get what you tolerate.  Choose not to tolerate less than your best or less than you deserve.  
  3. Be Grateful:  Chances are, despite the many challenges of the storm you are weathering, you probably have a lot to be grateful for.  Think about your loved ones, relationships, favorite grown up toys, the weather, your pet, heck maybe even your favorite gym and the members who go there with you.  
  4. Give yourself a break:  Chances are you've gone through something really hard.  Everyone has a story.  Something that happened to them or for them that turned them into the person they are today.  Either way, beating yourself up because of your circumstances won't do you any good and it won't solve your problems, so be kind to yourself and dust off your shoulders, grab your hard-hat and get to work on improving your situation for the better.
I leave you with this quote from one of my personal mentors Tony Robbins.  

Insiders are not helpless, nor are you.  In every area of life, you get what you tolerate.  And it's time to raise the standard. 
-Tony Robbins 

Let's all go out and fight this week with everything we've got.  

Leave it all out there so that when the weekend hits, you can kick your feet up and feel good about the work you've done.  
See you all in the gym, 

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