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Sacrifice: The One Thing Every Goal Has In Common

You have a goal and It’s a great one!  
  • You want to get huge, jacked and ripped 
  • You want to lose 50 pounds and feel healthy 
  • You want to compete at a higher level in your sport 
  • You want to look better in a bikini or board shorts
  • You want to do a bodybuilding/bikini show
  • You want to eat healthier and drink more water
  • You want to set a new PR on a squat, deadlift or bench
Every single one of these goals has one thing in common:
They all require sacrifice. Often times, many sacrifices.  
  • You can't make it to every party
  • You can't see every post your friends make on Facebook (nor should you want to)
  • You can't double tap every pic you like on The Gram 
  • You can't watch every minute of every game on tv (the last quarter is all that matters anyway) 
  • You can't eat the huge meal that everyone else at the party is plowing through 
  • You can't skip your workout because everyone wants you to come with (wherever it is that they are going)  
  • You can't watch every episode on Netflix because you need to prep your meals for the following day 
  • You can't sleep in because you have to do your a.m. cardio before work 
  • You can't buy that new outfit because if you do, you might not be able to afford your food/supps 
  • You can't skip half of your workout because you need to "be somewhere”  
And not being able to do those things is o.k.! 
All achievers know that there will be many sacrifices made on the road to accomplishing your goals and dreams.  

As a coach, it is my job to remind you of these basic and fundamentals of success.  

What do you need to sacrifice? 
Are you willing to make the sacrifice?  
Is it worth it to you? 

It's Monday, the start of a new week.  It could be filled with 7 successful days that bring you closer to your goals or it could be another week of you tolerating the excuses you make for yourself to not make the sacrifices necessary for the accomplishment of your goals.  

It's ok to admit that you need to tolerate less and sacrifice more.  

In a moment you can change it all by saying: 

"No more!  Today is the day I will start doing everything I need to to in order to accomplish my goals and be happy".  

Now let's go tear up this week in and out of the gym, 

Expect great things from yourself every single day! I know you have it in you. 
See you all in the gym, 

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