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Up's and Downs Don't Always Have to End in Downs!

Last week was bitter sweet for me.  

It was a phenomenal week at Top Line.  

Our members have been amazing!! 

Myself and the staff can't believe how dedicated and positive everyone is when it comes to their goals, programs and new healthy lifestyles.  

We added a ton of great new members to the team who are really fired up to succeed.   

I had an amazing birthday with my girlfriend and family and it was made even better by so many of you reaching out to wish me well as I entered the last year of my 20's.  

But my heart was and has been heavy since last week Wednesday.  

My girlfriend Michelle and I had just finished a late dinner and were practicing some new guitar lessons when she received a text that her sweet & lovable 93 year old grandmother had taken a spill at home, hitting her head in the process.  

We rushed to the Froedtert Hospital in Tosa as fast as we could to be with family and were riddled with horrible news. 

The fall caused massive damage that would prove to be irreversible.  

What an awful night.  

We didn't leave till close to 3am and knew that the next 24 hours would be a slow, painful stand still for the inevitable loss of someone who made this world a more beautiful place day in and day out.  

I just so happened to be making my return to coaching the very next morning at 9am and knew that I wanted to deliver a high value training session for our team.  

It's in those moments when we are tested.  

You're seeing your family go through pain, you've been sleep deprived, you're stressing hard!  You have all the excuses in the world to take a day off.  To take a step back from your goals and priorities.  It happens right? 

Or, You have an entirely different choice.  You can use the tough time that your going through to motivate you to doing more, becoming more and helping more people live a better life, in turn raising your spirits.

I chose the second option as did Michelle (who is a highly sough after stylist at Neroli Salon and Spa in Mequon) by serving you and watching you excel and achieve so much, you were able to keep me from falling down and focusing on my heartache of seeing my loved ones in so much pain.  

If there is one thing Grandma Betty would not want us to do, it would be to sulk around and be depressed.  She would have wanted us to suck it up and live our lives like she had for 93 wonderful years.  

Let's all make it a mission to make this week amazing no matter what life throws at us.  You can get though the cloudy days if you will just focus on the truth that there is always sunshine after the rain (if you'll allow it). 

I can't wait to see you in there tonight, let's crush this week and push ourselves to our true potential.   

This Thursday's sessions will all be open gym sessions throughout the day, as I will be attending the services for Sweet Grandma Betty and am honored to do so.   

See you all in there, 

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