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This Post Will Make You Feel Amazing

Struggle produces strength.  

In the gym, we train hard and tear up our muscles with intense workouts.  We break ourselves down, only to repair ourselves...watching as our muscles grow and bodies get stronger and more resilient.

In our every day lives, we face countless outside variables that kick us in the teeth.  

Working with so many people on a daily basis has opened my eyes to how much is really going on inside the lives of others.  The struggles, the triumphs, the tragedies, and the victories.  

Right now, everyone is excelling in the shop.  In our last blog post we gave a few examples.  Our culture is absolutely amazing.  

However, even with all of the success, some of those very same people are going through extremely difficult circumstances in their lives outside of the gym.  

In just the past two weeks, some of our members are going through the following:  

  • A father lost to a stomach bleed 
  • A father suffering but surviving a heart attack 
  • Another father who may have to undergo heart surgery 
  • A grandfather suffering from lymphoma 
  • A friend who just discovered an inoperable mass 
  • A complete life change 
  • A serious neck surgery 
  • And I'm sure a host of other things that haven't even been brought to my attention
  • You're probably thinking, hey baldy!  Hello, I thought this post was supposed to make me feel amazing.  And you're right!   

    One of my many great mentors, Mr. Tony Robbins, gave this quote in his most recent book:

    "We can be grateful for our heath, our friends, our opportunities, our minds."

    "A pattern of appreciating what you have will create a new level of emotional well being and wealth."
    "A pattern of appreciating what you have will create a new level of emotional well being and wealth"
    -Tony Robbins 

    Whatever you focus on, you will feel.  You can focus on what you cannot control and be stressed and unhappy.  Or you can be there for your friends through prayer and belief that the situation can turn around for the better.  

    I'll choose the later when it comes to all of my friends' situations.  We cannot control what has happened or the potential of what could happen in the future.  

    But we can control our focus by shifting to a mindset of gratitude and support for the ones who need us most.  

    Think of something you're grateful for.  Something major, like your relationships and something small, like your favorite cup of coffee or song.  Be happy.  

    "At the age of 18, I made up my mind to never have another bad day in my life. I dove into an endless sea of gratitude from which I've never emerged."
    -Dr. Patch Adams 

    Shift your focus and you will improve your health (which you can obviously see is very important), relationships, mood, energy, and so much more.  

    You can get through the tough times with the right mindset just like you do inside the gym when you're on your final set of squats or deadlifts! 

    Do my friends a favor and send some positive thoughts their way.  It will mean the world to them and make you feel great.  

    See you all in the gym tonight for round #2 after our extremely sweaty sessions yesterday! 





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