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Lydia Lost 101lbs and Isn't Finished

Top Line is filled with massive success stories.  

Just because success is expected and the norm doesn't mean that each story isn't unique and impressive.  

Lydia who started training at TL less than a year ago is one of those massive success stories that has to be shared.  It's the kind of story that just goes to show that no matter where you start or how you feel in the beginning, anything is possible.  

Don't take my word for it, read Lydia's inspirational story below and if you are inspired, feel free to share it with others who need an extra push to make a change in their own lives.  













The following is Lydia's transformation story in her own words 

"As a child I was very active and loved being outside. I went through my chubby phases but would lose the weight during summer break. I put on a lot of weight during high school and the years after.

About 7 years ago after a series of health-related issues that my immediate family went through, I decided I needed to get healthy. I went to a nutritionist and a personal trainer at a strength and conditioning gym in Madison. I lost about 40lbs and kept it off for 2 years doing various activities.

I moved to Milwaukee 5 years ago and lost an additional 30lbs through kickboxing. I have put those 30lbs back on and off through the past years.

Last year, I set 2 goals for myself: to get my green belt and run a 5k. After completing both of those goals, I went back to my old habits. I barely worked out, ate out, and drank multiple times a week. In March ,I decided I needed to make a change for good. I knew I wanted to go back to how I originally started my lifestyle change -- which meant a trainer that would listen to my specific needs and not just a cookie cutter trainer that was there for a paycheck and thinks all women want to only lose weight. I heard of Topline through kickboxing and decided to check it out.

On my first day with Brett, he asked me what my goals were. My then weightloss goal was only to lose 40lbs. He responded with “give me a challenge.”  The first month at Topline the numbers on the scale really didn’t change much but the inches were flying off me. I felt a difference in my energy, I was sleeping better, and I all around started to feel like a different person. Within two months, I ran a 5k and signed up for 2 more.  After completing my second 5k, I even came into the gym a couple hours later to complete conditioning day (my favorite gym day). Prior to coming to Topline I had very basic knowledge of weights. I didn’t know how much I would enjoy lifting weights and now I look forward to it.

From my heaviest weight, I am currently down 77lbs and, since joining Topline, I'm down 25lbs. On June 6th, I made a new weight loss goal of losing 32lbs by September 6th.  It was exactly 3 months until my 33rd birthday and will be 101lbs since my heaviest weight. I also have made other fitness goals like completing a race every month, including a 10k this fall. I am excited to see my body changing and see new muscles appear that were buried by fat before. I cant wait to see what my body looks like a year from now." -Lydia 

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