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News From Around The Top Shop

I’ve got good news and more good news.  

We’ve been seeing so many great things happening at Top Line, I just wanted to point out a few (even though I know that I will miss a few for sure). 
Cal, Nancy’s son and the guy with the best hair at Top Line, has been asked to be a part of a select LAX team and to top it off, he has been asked to play up a level against tougher competition.  Congrats, Cal.  Nancy didn't do so bad in her doubles tennis tournament this past weekend either! 
Our new members are absolutely killing it (and there are a lot of them).  PJ, Alyssa Her, Marielle, Paige, Andy, Leah, Victor, Brittany, Kelsey, Adrianna, Sarah, MariJo, and about 10 others are making their first few weeks an absolute success.  
We welcomed back one of the members who made this gym possible -- Shalissa Merriweather.  She was one of Top Line's first and most dedicated customers.  After having to take a break to successfully graduate nursing school, she is back in the Shop with us kicking butt. 
Two of our other original members from Top Line 1.0 -- Latae and Tiffany -- are inspiring me non stop with their dedication and follow through with their programs.  

The Menomonee Falls connection:  Holtz, LC, Alyssa, Alissa, and Nicole are making me proud of my hometown and high school (which I feel like should have my old locker bronzed or blocked off or something, but that’s neither here nor there).  

JoJo, Stizz, and Deborah all completed the Warrior Dash, getting extremely dirty in the process.  

Curran is still walking in off the streets and moving tons of weight. 

DeAnna, who is training for a competition, has been making significant changes as well as perfecting her routine.  
Arturo and Memo are really pushing themselves to limits.  

The amazing team of coaches are growing and helping more and more people every single day.  

To top it all off, Dustin Ortiz (UFC Superstar) represented Top Line like a true champion in his hometown of Nashville, TN, last weekend, finishing his fight via TKO and joining the Top 10 - 125lb fighters of the world now.  

The vibe, positivity, and energy at the Shop is just amazing lately.  We are inspired by all of you every day, and thank you all for being the best members ever.  

If you weren’t recognized here, trust me that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  We know you are all grinding and pushing your potential.  

Our apologies for the gym being so packed this summer, but believe me when I say that we are working on being able to correct that issue in the near future :) 

Let’s make tonight an amazing night.  See you all in the Shop! 


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