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Brochill and Brunner Hitting Max Effort Deads

Max Effort Deadlifting:



In the Top Shop, we refer to "max effort" as any set using a bar weight of 85%-95% of your Estimated 1-Rep Max (E-1RM) for as many reps as possible.  


Everyone athlete starts with a prescribed number of reps they must hit, like (5reps) (3reps) or (1rep). This is the bare minimum you "MUST" complete.  


However, in a max effort set the athlete is required to at the very least hit their prescribed number of reps, and the rest of the reps you hit after that can be considered "extra credit", "grinders", "man-up reps".  


Grinding out those extra reps after you've hit your prescribed number, is what gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Straining is the goal here, you do not want to hit something easy without having to put in maximal effort.  Effort and straining is what makes you better.  


**note: If you feel your form going, the set it over.

**note: we said "strain" not fail.  Failing over and over again in the gym puts you at risk for injury, taxes your central nervous system and may cause you to lose confidence.  Only attempt a personal record (PR) on a day your jacked up, form is tight, and everything is feeling light. 


See you in the gym, 


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