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Consistent and Intense Strength and Conditioning Program Transforms Nancy Morris in Less than 3 Months


This picture was taken around March 26th, 2013 give or take a couple of days.

(*Nancy is pictured furthest to the right in both pics)  

At Top Line, we don't talk much.  


The fitness industry is filled with what most strength and conditioning coaches like Dan Zwirlein (former Top Line Coach) considered to be just "Noise".  And he is 100% right,  and we promise not to add to that noise.


lets look at a few examples: 

Crappy 4-Day diets, Worthless Balance balls, 30-minute McSessions, 15 minute puke fest cross-fit nonsense and tons of trainers who claim to be "experts" in fitness because they have gotten themselves into halfway decent shape once or twice but wouldn't know who Louie Simmons, Dave Tate or Jim Wendler were if you asked them (trust me I have,  Sorry Job Applicants but you suck). 


We prefer to program our athletes and gym members with what works.  


Strength with: Squats, Deads, Presses

**(always with better and better tech and basing it individually on each athletes percentages.  

Conditioning with: Sled pushes, drags, and sprints (ok, we occasionally use battle ropes, rarely tires)  


So We're not in here shooting flames at clients while they run backwards on treadmills with gas masks on or having them kick punching bags while standing on a bosu ball rubbing their bellies and patting the top of their heads.


With that said, lets look at one of our athletes/members Nancy Morris as an example.  


North Shore Nancy (as I lovingly refer to her behind her back) was referred to me by the Top Line "Den Mother" Renee Scherck-Meyer, along with another slew of awesome ladies who also soon became Top Shop Official.  


Quick Background on Nancy.  She is a wife, mother of an awesome son named Cal who likes to push the prowler around the gym (Pictured Below), she is a master of the culinary arts and loves to share her talents, she is a serious tennis player who really digs Andy Murray and his pull-up abilities,  She gets enough sun on the golf course to occasionally question her ethnicity,  She comes to the gym consistently week after week, does not complain or question coaching methods and does this all though injuries and setbacks like being T-Boned by a drag racer at 90 mph.  O ya, and she likes frogs...I'm serious! 


Nancy has lost 26 pounds in less than 3 months training at the shop 3 or 4 days/week, gained shoulder strength and alleviated pain that she's been dealing with for quite a while and has been another success story that keeps me doing what I love to do.  


ok ok,  I will show you the before and after pics.  After you look at these, ask yourself this question.


If she could do that in less than 3 months.... What could I do for myself?  





Im very proud of what she's done and I know she isn't finished yet.  


We have a lot of these success stories going around right now. All of them are a little different but amazing.


The only people who don't get much out of the Top Line program are the ones who complain, fail to show up and even when they do show up, don't grind hard.  


We'll be sharing more stories like this in the near future.


If you want to experience the same thing Nancy did, click on our programs and get in here.  



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