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Top Line Strength and Conditioning Program and Meal Plan makes Tom "The Bomb" AKA Tommy Gun Lose over 25 pounds of body Fat and gain Strength and Power

Tommy (or as I like to refer to him: Gunner) Was referred to Top Line by his Cousin who had experienced some incredible results here with us at Top Line in the past.  

The picture above is from one of Tommy's first nights at the Top Shop.


When we initially get someone new at Top Line, we make them spend most, if not all of their time conditioning with sprints, sled drags and pushes.  We do this for a few reasons.

  1. To see if they will push it during grueling conditioning workouts
  2. To get them into decent shape physically, thus increasing their GPP (general physical preparedness) 
  3. To see if they will come in consistently enough to follow a real Strength and Conditioning program and not waste our time and expertise of coaching on someone who will never use their new knowledge. 
  4. To assess their ability to be coached, flexibility, athleticism and add nutritional changes to their lifestyle. 

Sadly, not everyone who comes into Top Line with hopes of getting bigger, stronger, faster (or leaner, tighter and more "fit")  has what it takes to be included in the strength and conditioning programming.  


Tommy (a 19 year old) college student who works full time (and is not technically an "athlete" playing or preparing for a specific sport), not only worked hard enough to start the S+C programming but he also scraped together enough cash to have me design him a full meal plan as well.


Gunner followed that meal plan, early morning conditioning schedule and strength program to the letter while the majority of the time hitting 2-a-days.  Tommy's program consisted of: 

  • Heavy Squats, Deadlifts, Military Presses, Bench Presses
  • Pull-ups, high volume presses, pulls, chins, farmers walks
  • a.m. conditioning sessions (moderate) 
  • p.m. conditioning sessions (short/intense) around 10minutes post strength movements 
  • heavy ab work 
  • Meal plan designed by myself

He wanted it, put in the work and after eating a lot of healthy food, bone crushing lifts and sweaty conditioning sessions he got into phenomenal shape.  


Because he did bite the bullet and did it all at once, it only took him 2 1/2 months to make his transformation.  


Tommy went from being a soft college freshman to a well built machine.   


Here is the proof.  



A big Congrats to you Tommy Gun for working so hard and proving that even in a short amount of time (with a lot of effort) Top Line Gym programming pays off big time.  


Tommy and I are back in the lab preparing for his next goal of adding more size and strength.  We will be changing the meal plan he followed to drop the unwanted fat and adding back extra protein, carbs and healthy fats to bring up his calories as well as all of his Power numbers on the Bench, Squat, Deads, Military Presses and accessory work.


I feel confident saying we will be seeing an even bigger improvement to Tommy's physique over the next few months.


Stay Tuned.....



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