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Andrew Has Abs...


Andrew "Grunt" Attebury is a former Marine and now up and coming MMA fighter who trains his skill work out of Roufus Sport Gym, one of the countries top Fighting gyms.  

We started sponsoring Drew as an athlete in May and he started off a little rough. 

Over the past 5 weeks drew really dialed in his training and started to take it seriously for his Muay Thai fight he had this past Saturday at the Historic Eagles Ballroom

He came in, didn't talk, didn't mess around on his phone and stayed consistent which was new for him. 

I saw him fight in may in a Muay Thai fight where he looked slow, gassed and weak.  

The package he brought couldn't have been any more different.  

He looked like he was in control, confident, conditioned and not that I know much about stand up fighting but from what I saw he looked smooth in his skill work from the first punch on.  For crying out loud the guy actually had visible abs!  He won the fight and I think beyond that he gained confidence in what hard work and less talking will really do for him in reaching his future goals.  


He proved a lot of people wrong this month including me.  


I treat everyone at Top Line the same, sponsored or not.  I want anyone who walks though the doors to get better at something each and every visit.   


The Grunt knows what he needs to stick with now in order to succeed.  


Do you?  

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