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Sisters are Crushing it at Top Line Gym

Top Line Gym has turned into a family deal.  

We currently have 3 pairs of sisters including twins who are all crushing it with the Top Line Strength and Conditioning Program.  

First we have our longest training pair of sisters Kimberly Baker and Ashley Valente (Formerly a Baker).

I know I've said this a million times to Kim and Ash in the gym, but I'll say it one more time.  You guys have really gotten stronger and "more fit".  These two make the coach and the small business owner sides of me very happy.  

Lets examine how they make Coach happy:  

  • They both show up on time
  • They both come with great, positive and fun attitudes and take jokes very well 
  • They communicate if they are going to miss their training and make it up so they don't fall off their programs
  • They both have ran so many cycles of programming that they pretty much need their own folders. (consistency) 
  • They take coaching cues, execute, and push themselves
  • They show up to "Open Gym" sessions to put in extra work and have fun doing it
  • They don't get upset when told to hit the Prowler a dozen times after an already brutal workout

Now how they keep this Small Biz-man happy:

  • They bring peanut butter balls for their coach
  • They noticed that their coach has slight OCD in his type A personality and keep things clean and tidy (thanks) 
  • They refer their friends and co-workers to Top Line which is the biggest compliment a business can get.  
  • They support their favorite hardcore training gym by wearing gear like hats, hoodies, t's and tanks.  

I'm sure I'm leaving out quite a few of the little things these two bring to Top Line but I think a lot of their positivity has to do with not only being sisters but starting their strength and conditioning journey together.  It helps to have someone close to you going through a tough training program like Top Line's.  

Ash and Kimmy started off a bit weak.  Their conditioning levels were great but you can only keep hitting workouts that consist solely of burpees, sled pushes/drags and prowlers without getting into an actual strength training program.  To give you an idea of the strength gained.  In the beginning Kimmy made me super nervous with the barbell.  Squats, bench, and military press had me dialing up my American Family Insurance agent to double up my coverage.  She struggled with the 45# bar for squats last December but yesterday morning she was squatting 170#'s for 5reps (LOW).  Ash was struggling with 115# deadlifts in early 2013 but now handles over 200#'s safely with speed.  

I will be posting some videos and training logs of these two in the near future because what they are doing is awesome! 

Secondly we have the curly sisters Sarah and Anna Barth. 

These two came in after Top Line "Den Mother" Renee and I started operation "North Shore Nancy's".

One cold winter morning Renee gathered up a group of North Shore women who used to train in a boot camp style workout together on the North Shore.

They all tried the workout and Anna was there with her mom Lynda aka: "mama curly" who is one of those rare women that makes the men ashamed of themselves for being weak and pathetic.  

Anna trained at the Top Shop a lot this summer with conditioning sessions to increase her training intensity.  Even though she still hates the Prowler with a passion, she will hit it with a ton of intensity.  

It was a couple months later when school got out that Sarah joined us at the Top Shop and was probably my biggest surprise of the summer.  Sarah took her coaching to heart, was a blast to hang out with pretty much every day, got extremely strong and stayed healthy all summer.  

The Top Line program is tough.  I want my students to master the coaching cues I give them.  If they fail to do that, I will never be able to get into anything more advanced with them.  With Sarah (Curly) I didn't have to worry about re-coaching movements.  She made smooth progressions all summer and her physical and even mental strength has went to immeasurable levels.  

Sarah is one cool customer and a superb individual! 

I am truly happy that I had the chance to coach these sisters.  Sadly, they are both going off to school in Iowa (great school right Mary?)  and I won't see them till their school breaks.  Luckily for me I will be able to coach them from a distance and make sure they keep making gains.  

And last but not least we have the Pearly's Maddie and Gabby Perlewitz.

These two also came in off operation "North Shore Nancy's" ! 

I had the opportunity to coach their "Unusually Ultra-Fit" mom Peggy in that winter workout that Renee organized for me.  Peggy pretty much looks like she's ready for a shape or women's health magazine shoot year round.  I even find myself cutting my carbs down on days that I've coached her.  

The Pearly are def a FitFam!  Even while in another country they were squeezing in their workouts this summer.  (even with the occasional scoop Gelato)   

But lets get back to the sisters.  Not only are they identical twins when it comes to looks buy they are identical in their work ethic.  I'm sure they would fight me on this one too just like when I confuse them and ask "so which one do I have today?" but the fact is they are both really getting into health and training at a young age which is great to see.  

The sooner you can get started and make this a lifestyle the better it will be for your body and mind.  The two of them have came for 2-a-days, conditioned hard and recently really started to strength train.  

It saddens me to see them leave for Boston College this week much like the "Curly's" but I know that I will have them back in the Top Shop over winter, spring and summer breaks!  Also, I'm sure they will correct some grammatical errors in this blog post, but they will have to forgive me as I'm a grande deep into my Starbucks and my mind going 2 million mph.  

I'm proud of all six of you and the progress/transformations you've made in and out of Top Line.  

Now, to anyone else reading this post who wants to start a Top Line program but are nervous to do it alone.  Try to find a friend, family member or co-worker to try it out with you.  Its worked for these and many other Top Line members and it will work for you too.  

So come in for a trial workout today and lets get you started! 

Remember to add your email to the Top Line newsletter on the home page of so you can stay up to date on Top Line deals, news and updates! 

See you in the gym,



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