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Open Gym Membership   

Who is it for?

Open Gym Membership is for anyone who doesn’t think they need coaching but who wants to condition and/or strength train on their own during Open Gym times.

Are there certain rules for Open Gym members?

Yes, there are:

  1. As an Open Gym Member, you must sign in at the reception desk each visit.  
  2. Take off your outdoor shoes once you get inside the door (BEFORE you step on the turf).
  3. When there are training sessions going on, you must use areas of the gym and equipment that is not being used by the group.    
  4. Remember that Open Gym Membership does not include any coaching, so do not ask the coaches any questions while they are working. 
  5. Open Gym Members can use the gym only during designed times on the posted schedule.  Times are subject to change.
  6. Make sure to work out safely when you are on your own.  (example -- Don’t PR without a spotter)
  7. You must pick up after yourself.  Return all equipment from where you got it.  Don’t leave any chalk messes or garbage lying around.  Throw away your water bottles.  Exhibit common courtesy by wiping up your own sweat puddles.  Make sure to take all your belongings home with you.
  8. Most importantly, RESPECT THE TOP SHOP!  Do not drop or throw equipment on the turf.  Do not abuse your privilege of training here and take care of the facility and equipment as if it were your own.   

Billing Policies:

Please note that all our Open Gym Access memberships are based on a month to month commitment.  Monthly costs are paid by automatic recurring billing.  

You must have a credit card or checking account on file and your membership charge automatically will be billed each month.

If your monthly payment is declined for any reason, you will be charged a $20 decline fee.

If you must cancel your month to month contract (for some valid reason such as injury or job transfer out of town?), you must give 30 days advance written notice with a Top Line staff member. 

Top Line reserves the right to discontinue our open gym access at any given time due to expanding training session group sizes.