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The Top Line difference cannot be explained…it must be experienced! 

The Top Line Sweat (formerly known as Top Line Boot Camp) is a private group personal training workout that will help you burn fat and build lean/toned muscles in less than 60 minutes per workout!  

The uplifting atmosphere makes it the kind of workout you actually look forward too.  Perfect to do with friends, family and followers from social media.

We use a mix of high intensity cardio interval training with simple & effective strength training exercises to speed up your transformation (& progress).  

Not only does the Top Line Sweat save you time and deliver more results, but it also saves you a lot of money compared to the cost of high priced private personal training sessions.  Now everyone can afford to have a trainer and coach. 

Our friendly and experienced coaching staff will give you the knowledge and support you need to be our next big success story.  

New to the whole fitness/workout thing?  Not a problem.  Our team will personalize and modify every exercise to your training level from beginner to advanced athlete. 

Billing Policies:

Please note that our memberships are based on your choice of either a 5x per month Sweat membership, 9x per month Sweat membership, unlimited morning or nigh Sweat membership or unlimited morning (and) night sweat membership

Monthly costs are paid by automatic recurring billing.  

You must have a credit card or checking account on file and your membership charge automatically will be billed each month.

If your monthly payment is declined for any reason, you will be charged a $20 decline fee.

If you must cancel your contract (for some valid reason such as injury or job transfer out of town?), you must give 30 days advance written notice and pay a cancellation fee equal to three months of your automatic recurring membership charge.