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Strength & Conditioning FAQ

Our simple approach to STRENGTH TRAINING will take all the guess work and fear out of starting to train with weights.  If you're already training, this is a great way to learn new techniques and methods to improve your results.  

The challenging, motivating atmosphere will push you beyond what you ever dreamed possible! 


Strength Training F.A.Q. 

Who is it for?

Top Line Strength Training is for anyone from beginners to advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to incorporate weights into their training regimen.  

What can I expect from the training sessions?

After an initial consultation/assessment, an individualized written program is designed and coached specifically for you based on your initial skill level as well as your own personal goals.  Your custom strength training program will receive updates on a continual basis as your skill levels advance.  

Facility Highlights:  

  • 6 Complete Power Racks 
  • 50 Yards of Athletic Field Turf 
  • Fully Equipped With Industry Leading Equipment From: Rogue Fitness, Elite FTS, and Legend Fitness 

Our innovative ATHLETIC CONDITIONING sessions re-invent typical boot camp style training. 

Sessions are high energy, fast paced, and fun.  The uplifting atmosphere makes it the kind of training you actually look forward to.  Perfect to do with friends!

We will give you the blueprint to a healthier lifestyle so there is no guesswork left to you.  



Who is it for?

Top Line Athletic Conditioning is for anyone seeking physical and mental transformation from beginners to advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

 What can I expect from the training sessions?

Coached group sessions focus on cardio and conditioning while also doing some basic body weight strength training.  Athletic Conditioning sessions are constantly varied and changed daily.  Sessions may include: 

  • Battle rope swings
  • Medicine ball throws/slams
  • Sled sprints/ drags and pulls
  • Kettle bell work
  • Sports and agility drills on field turf
  • Ab and core work
  • Performance mobility work 
  • Foam rolling
  • Stretching

How long does each session last?

Approximately 60 minutes.  

Approximately 45-90 minutes.

How many sessions are included each week? 

Three coached sessions.  You also can complete programming on your own during any Open Gym hours.