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10 Year Anniversary Throwback Tee
10 Year Anniversary Throwback Tee
Throw Back Pic Of Alex, Brett & Nick
Throwback to 2008 of Brett and Alex

10 Year Anniversary Throwback Tee

10 years ago, Top Line was created on a $20 faux wood desk in Brett's childhood bedroom with his brothers Alex Lever and Nick Ollinger.  

Obviously the first thing any new small business needs is a t-shirt with two huge, jacked & veiny arms printed on the front.  

Own a part of Top Line history with this (unisex) lightweight, sweat and eye catching design.  Perfect for those heavy bench sessions in the squat rack,  speed work at the field or wearing to your favorite ice cream shop to get 4 scoops of cookie dough, 4 scoops of blue moon, all slammed into a chocolate chip waffle cone... with sprinkles...and whipped cream. Enjoy the throwback pics of the guys.

"I highly suggest buying at least 2 so you can keep the sleeves on one, and chop them off on the other." -Brett