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15-Workout Strength & Conditioning Training Punch Card 50% Off

Our Punch Card option is perfect for people who love Top Line but can only come once in once in awhile due to children, commute length, schedule etc.  

This is also an excellent gift to buy for friends, family or co-workers who could really benefit from starting to live the Top Line Lifestyle.      

Here's how it works: 

15-Workout Strength & Conditioning Training Punch Card 50% OFF

  • Strength & Conditioning Training Punch Cards include 15 strength & conditioning group training sessions. 
  • Notify a Top Line staff member a minimum of 24 hours prior to the strength and conditioning training session you'd like to attend.  Since we aren't preparing to coach & train you on a regular basis, this will give us enough time to prepare an awesome and intelligent training session/experience for you when you choose to visit.  If you do not give us prior advanced notice we will not be able to deliver the highest level of service you deserve and who doesn't want the best?    
  • Training Punch Card must be presented to a Top Line staff member upon arrival each visit to receive your punch for that training session.   
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Memberships Expire 12 months after purchase.