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Hey... It's Brett here!

The black on black "DOUBLE UP" T-shirt is a tribute shirt to the late great Nipsey Hussle.  After hearing about Nip from Dono (Top Shop Fam)  I couldn't turn his music off.  His music was true.  He was a grass roots entrepreneur.  A hustler.  

I've listened to the song "Double Up" off the Victory Lap album during more deep and intense work sessions than I could imagine.  The lyrics of this song are something I've always practiced which is to flip everything I make into the next project.  Never settling or wasting money on liabilities.  

So if you are a hustler too. If you are a make it out of thin air type of gal or guy... This shirt if for you.  I mainly wanted it tailor-made for me but figured there would be a few real ones out there like me.

"Double up, three or four times I ain't tellin' no lies
I just run it up, never let a hard time humble us"

P.S. I'm particular about my shirts, so this shirt will be ultra comfy and classic.