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Summer Athlete Training Program

This program was designed for dedicated athletes and individuals who want to push their physical limits to the top in a short period of time. 

Year after year, we've become known for generating unbelievable results in an intense 60 days of dedicated focus on improvement.  Every summer our training lab is filled with high school, college, and professional athletes who need to get bigger, leaner, faster, stronger, and as they like to say..."more explosive" for their upcoming seasons or school years.  

If you're an athlete, this is where you need to be this summer & beyond. 


What to expect:  

READ THIS FIRST!  Our athlete programs are custom made.  There is nothing cookie cutter about them. We don't approach our training programs like a fast food restaurant or even that of a school.  We cater to a fewer number of athletes which allows us to focus on them individually to improve their game.  Each athlete requires a different and unique approach to their training to get the best results for them. Therefore, it is difficult to include the exact layout of your programming until we meet, assess, and evaluate.   

  •  Initial evaluation.
  • Based on the evaluation, a custom training program is tailor-made for you.
  • Your program is installed and coached through a mix of both private personal training and small group training sessions.
  • Ongoing assessments and testing to track and measure results, including:
      1. Self-discipline and mindset
      2. Body weight and body fat percentage
      3. Mobility grading
      4. Injury pre-habilitation/injury prevention training
      5. Speed: overhead med ball extension throw, broad jump, single leg broad jump, box jump, single leg box jump, vert, 40’s, L-drill and many of our own unique and proprietary tests  
      6. Strength: bench, squats, deadlifts, clean variations, dynamic chain/band work
  • Field/hill/sand/beach work
  • Nutritional programming
  • Supplementation
  • Recovery programming
  • Training session length varies based on the individual's needs
  • Training session frequency varies based on the individual's needs
  • Program Length: 60 days beginning on the day of your initial evaluation. 
Terms & Conditions: Save $105 by paying in full upfront.  If you choose our payment plan option, you will be required to sign a contract agreeing to have the 3 evenly split monthly payments automatically charged to your credit card on the same day for 3 consecutive months.  Your membership is not transferrable to any other individuals.  All sales are final.  No cancellations & no refunds.  If you would like to train in the morning or early afternoon, you will be required to pay an additional $400 upcharge and your Summer Athlete membership must be paid in full with no payment plan available.