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Hey, it's Brett! 

God has done some amazing things in my life.  He has pulled me out of some horrible situations.  He has helped me break out of challenges that I thought would destroy me and my family.  Anything I've ever done, from building Top Line, to sports accomplishments or goals I've achieved...They have all been powered by Christ. Not myself. 

If you only knew how many times, I've been down...Only to be lifted up again, then you would understand why I cannot take any credit for any good thing in my life.  

The "All Things" line of apparel was a goal of mine late in 2019.  I want any piece of apparel that those words are written on to be a reminder to someone that no matter where they are in life... they could be broke, alone, sick, sad, lonely, fallen, living in sin,  living in regret, that God can shift their life in an instant.   

The apostle Paul who wrote much in the bible was once known as Saul. He was a bad dude.  No Good.  Lost.  Yet God chose to use him for so much good.  He completely shifted his life.  I've always related to Paul because at one point in time, I wasn't happy with who I was.  I wasn't living right.  I wasn't being the man God designed me to be... but God still chose me anyway and softened my heart. 

He truly is the God of "All Things". 

13 For I can do all things through Christ,[a] who strengthens me.

P.S. The cross design is designed after my tattoo!