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The New Top Line Soccer Training Program was designed to fight against several issues that hold back athletes, two of which I'd like to explain: 
  1. A cost effective alternative to overpriced and underperforming one or two day "camps" that athletes and their parents get suckered into wasting a lot of money on every year.
  2. High school programs that are sadly under budgeted and in most cases provide an underpaid, under qualified, inexperienced "coach" who is tasked with coaching 30-60 athletes of varied skill/strength/experience/dedication levels all at the same time. Often times early in the morning when the athletes are at their least fueled in terms of hydration or nutrition.  This leaves the freshman, sophomore and junior classes as well as the athletes who don't "start" at an extreme disadvantage for making real improvements.  

Top performing athletes are not built in one or two days and it takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline, intense/intelligent training and consistency to develop your mind and body into an athlete who can achieve greatness at any level of sports.

Top Line Soccer was created to develop its participants mental, leadership, teamwork aspects of their game to their nutrition, sleep, recovery and the obvious strength, speed and agility.  We believe this to be the foundation at the core of every great athlete and we feel like it is our job and duty as leaders to expose the truth about what it takes to become your (or your son or daughters) best.  

Our athlete programs are custom made.  There is nothing cookie cutter about them. We don't approach our training programs like a fast food restaurant or that of most schools.  We cater to a fewer number of athletes each summer which allows us to focus on them both individually and as a group when it makes sense.  Each athlete requires a different and unique approach to their training to get the best results and improve their body for their respective sport(s). Therefore, it is difficult to include the exact layout of your programming until we meet, assess, and evaluate. 

Every year our "training lab" is filled with high school, college, and professional athletes who need to get bigger, leaner, faster, stronger, and as they like to say..."more explosive" for their upcoming seasons or school years.  

If you consider yourself a serious athlete, you need to be here. 

-Top Line Coaches 

What to expect:  

 Top Line Soccer Includes:  

  • Your program is installed and coached through a mix of both private personal training and group training sessions.
  • Ongoing assessments, evaluations and testing to track and measure results, including but not limited to:
      1. Sport psychology, leadership, understanding how to be a team player and become part of a team cultures, self-discipline and mindset
      2. Body weight and body fat percentage
      3. Mobility grading: from the feet up
      4. Injury pre-habilitation/injury prevention training: knee & hamstring (and other common injury) pre-hab in attempt to prevent actual occurrence of the injury. 
      5. Speed: acceleration, deceleration, change of directions, angles, starts, and a variation of jumps
      6. Strength: technique, Triphasic & Linear/Conjugate periodization (where it makes sense)
      7. Conditioning: mixed approach 
      8. Core strength and stability 
      9. Weekly feedback is a must to communicate where the athlete is excelling and areas that need more work/attention. 
  • Includes soccer specific skill work 
  • Nutrition & Hydration protocols 
  • Supplementation
  • Recovery programming         
  • Individual athlete training videos to use for recruitment purposes
  • Document your journey: video series of athletes journey from start to finish of their Top Line Soccer participation.
  • Become a part of the Top Line Team and family! 
Terms & Conditions: 
  • Must commit to two months (paid in full for two months or two separate monthly payments) 
  • Your membership is not transferrable to any other individuals.  
  • All sales are final.  
  • No cancellations & no refunds.