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Excellent News From Around The Shop

Three Excellent Pieces of News From Around The Top Shop 
#1 Longtime Top Line Athlete and now competitive powerlifter Renee Scherck-Meyer racked up two-second place finishes in the squat and deadlift portion of this weekend’s competition as well as a third place finish in the bench portion of the meet.  We’re very proud of your effort and outcome in your first power lifting competition.  

#2 We also had a few of our athletes successfully complete the Rugged Maniac 5K over the weekend!  Way to go Danielle, Nicole, and Carly! 
#3 We will be adding in some great new equipment to our Top Line facility soon to give you even more tools to improve your strength & conditioning as we embark on our Top Line 2.5 expansion! 
Let’s crush this week inside and outside of the gym.  Try something new.  Push the envelope.  Make a change.  Reach for your potential.  And have fun! 
-Team Top Line 
P.S.  = New “Top Line Cold Gear” is on its way into the Shop:  hoodies, sweats, leggings, beanies.  When summer ends in Wisconsin, there is only one thing to do —> TRAIN!
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News From Around The Top Shop

I’ve got good news and more good news.  

We’ve been seeing so many great things happening at Top Line, I just wanted to point out a few (even though I know that I will miss a few for sure). 
Cal, Nancy’s son and the guy with the best hair at Top Line, has been asked to be a part of a select LAX team and to top it off, he has been asked to play up a level against tougher competition.  Congrats, Cal.  Nancy didn't do so bad in her doubles tennis tournament this past weekend either! 
Our new members are absolutely killing it (and there are a lot of them).  PJ, Alyssa Her, Marielle, Paige, Andy, Leah, Victor, Brittany, Kelsey, Adrianna, Sarah, MariJo, and about 10 others are making their first few weeks an absolute success.  
We welcomed back one of the members who made this gym possible -- Shalissa Merriweather.  She was one of Top Line's first and most dedicated customers.  After having to take a break to successfully graduate nursing school, she is back in the Shop with us kicking butt. 
Two of our other original members from Top Line 1.0 -- Latae and Tiffany -- are inspiring me non stop with their dedication and follow through with their programs.  

The Menomonee Falls connection:  Holtz, LC, Alyssa, Alissa, and Nicole are making me proud of my hometown and high school (which I feel like should have my old locker bronzed or blocked off or something, but that’s neither here nor there).  

JoJo, Stizz, and Deborah all completed the Warrior Dash, getting extremely dirty in the process.  

Curran is still walking in off the streets and moving tons of weight. 

DeAnna, who is training for a competition, has been making significant changes as well as perfecting her routine.  
Arturo and Memo are really pushing themselves to limits.  

The amazing team of coaches are growing and helping more and more people every single day.  

To top it all off, Dustin Ortiz (UFC Superstar) represented Top Line like a true champion in his hometown of Nashville, TN, last weekend, finishing his fight via TKO and joining the Top 10 - 125lb fighters of the world now.  

The vibe, positivity, and energy at the Shop is just amazing lately.  We are inspired by all of you every day, and thank you all for being the best members ever.  

If you weren’t recognized here, trust me that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  We know you are all grinding and pushing your potential.  

Our apologies for the gym being so packed this summer, but believe me when I say that we are working on being able to correct that issue in the near future :) 

Let’s make tonight an amazing night.  See you all in the Shop! 

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Lydia Lost 101lbs and Isn't Finished

Top Line is filled with massive success stories.  

Just because success is expected and the norm doesn't mean that each story isn't unique and impressive.  

Lydia who started training at TL less than a year ago is one of those massive success stories that has to be shared.  It's the kind of story that just goes to show that no matter where you start or how you feel in the beginning, anything is possible.  

Don't take my word for it, read Lydia's inspirational story below and if you are inspired, feel free to share it with others who need an extra push to make a change in their own lives.  













The following is Lydia's transformation story in her own words 

"As a child I was very active and loved being outside. I went through my chubby phases but would lose the weight during summer break. I put on a lot of weight during high school and the years after.

About 7 years ago after a series of health-related issues that my immediate family went through, I decided I needed to get healthy. I went to a nutritionist and a personal trainer at a strength and conditioning gym in Madison. I lost about 40lbs and kept it off for 2 years doing various activities.

I moved to Milwaukee 5 years ago and lost an additional 30lbs through kickboxing. I have put those 30lbs back on and off through the past years.

Last year, I set 2 goals for myself: to get my green belt and run a 5k. After completing both of those goals, I went back to my old habits. I barely worked out, ate out, and drank multiple times a week. In March ,I decided I needed to make a change for good. I knew I wanted to go back to how I originally started my lifestyle change -- which meant a trainer that would listen to my specific needs and not just a cookie cutter trainer that was there for a paycheck and thinks all women want to only lose weight. I heard of Topline through kickboxing and decided to check it out.

On my first day with Brett, he asked me what my goals were. My then weightloss goal was only to lose 40lbs. He responded with “give me a challenge.”  The first month at Topline the numbers on the scale really didn’t change much but the inches were flying off me. I felt a difference in my energy, I was sleeping better, and I all around started to feel like a different person. Within two months, I ran a 5k and signed up for 2 more.  After completing my second 5k, I even came into the gym a couple hours later to complete conditioning day (my favorite gym day). Prior to coming to Topline I had very basic knowledge of weights. I didn’t know how much I would enjoy lifting weights and now I look forward to it.

From my heaviest weight, I am currently down 77lbs and, since joining Topline, I'm down 25lbs. On June 6th, I made a new weight loss goal of losing 32lbs by September 6th.  It was exactly 3 months until my 33rd birthday and will be 101lbs since my heaviest weight. I also have made other fitness goals like completing a race every month, including a 10k this fall. I am excited to see my body changing and see new muscles appear that were buried by fat before. I cant wait to see what my body looks like a year from now." -Lydia 

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This Post Will Make You Feel Amazing

Struggle produces strength.  

In the gym, we train hard and tear up our muscles with intense workouts.  We break ourselves down, only to repair ourselves...watching as our muscles grow and bodies get stronger and more resilient.

In our every day lives, we face countless outside variables that kick us in the teeth.  

Working with so many people on a daily basis has opened my eyes to how much is really going on inside the lives of others.  The struggles, the triumphs, the tragedies, and the victories.  

Right now, everyone is excelling in the shop.  In our last blog post we gave a few examples.  Our culture is absolutely amazing.  

However, even with all of the success, some of those very same people are going through extremely difficult circumstances in their lives outside of the gym.  

In just the past two weeks, some of our members are going through the following:  

  • A father lost to a stomach bleed 
  • A father suffering but surviving a heart attack 
  • Another father who may have to undergo heart surgery 
  • A grandfather suffering from lymphoma 
  • A friend who just discovered an inoperable mass 
  • A complete life change 
  • A serious neck surgery 
  • And I'm sure a host of other things that haven't even been brought to my attention
  • You're probably thinking, hey baldy!  Hello, I thought this post was supposed to make me feel amazing.  And you're right!   

    One of my many great mentors, Mr. Tony Robbins, gave this quote in his most recent book:

    "We can be grateful for our heath, our friends, our opportunities, our minds."

    "A pattern of appreciating what you have will create a new level of emotional well being and wealth."
    "A pattern of appreciating what you have will create a new level of emotional well being and wealth"
    -Tony Robbins 

    Whatever you focus on, you will feel.  You can focus on what you cannot control and be stressed and unhappy.  Or you can be there for your friends through prayer and belief that the situation can turn around for the better.  

    I'll choose the later when it comes to all of my friends' situations.  We cannot control what has happened or the potential of what could happen in the future.  

    But we can control our focus by shifting to a mindset of gratitude and support for the ones who need us most.  

    Think of something you're grateful for.  Something major, like your relationships and something small, like your favorite cup of coffee or song.  Be happy.  

    "At the age of 18, I made up my mind to never have another bad day in my life. I dove into an endless sea of gratitude from which I've never emerged."
    -Dr. Patch Adams 

    Shift your focus and you will improve your health (which you can obviously see is very important), relationships, mood, energy, and so much more.  

    You can get through the tough times with the right mindset just like you do inside the gym when you're on your final set of squats or deadlifts! 

    Do my friends a favor and send some positive thoughts their way.  It will mean the world to them and make you feel great.  

    See you all in the gym tonight for round #2 after our extremely sweaty sessions yesterday! 





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    Thank You For Being The Best & Hardest Working Clients Ever

    I’m going to get right to the point of this e-mail.  
    Bragging about how awesome you guys are! 
    I will definitely miss or forget to mention 30 or 40 people but that doesn’t mean I (or the rest of the team) haven’t noticed your constant progress.  
    Here we go: 
    First off, dizzard (aka Elizabeth Hanson) has not only been crushing her workouts but has been keeping Top Line extremely clean this summer which is no easy task with all the sweat that pours out on a daily basis.  
    Our newest coach Mira is absolutely dominating as a coach and has quickly built a team of “Top Line Babes” whose bodies are changing non stop. 
    Kiel hit 3 new PR’s and started a completely new program.  
    Alyssa overcame major fears of joining the gym and training hard and has been simply wonderful to work with. 
    Danielle T. and Nicole L. have shocked me on a daily basis with their consistency and work ethic despite their focusing issues whilst training together. 
    Lydia has gone crazy and is now doing 5K’s prior to conditioning sessions like it was nothing.  
    Curran is moving 500-600 pounds on a barbell as if they were trash can lids. 
    Santino assumed a new role at work which is much more physical and has made his training reflect it as well. 
    Mrs. Santino (aka Ash) has come off her pregnancy like a true champ and has been knocking down insane workouts (probably regrettably at times :) ) 
    Speaking of mom’s.  Tiffany has finally made her return and hasn’t missed a beat, staying consistent and pushing through the initial soreness like super mom.  
    Kimmy and Stevo (my training partner) are making a run for fittest couple ever trying to knock off Frank McGrath and Marissa Bish for the belts!!! 
    The future Tag Team Champions of the world Gabe and Uri (aka the lycans) are dialing in their conditioning 100% and taking all of Splinter’s knowledge to heart. 
    Earl the pearl is grinding hard and not making excuses.  He’s even made some two-a-days.  
    Danielle is on the same page doing 2x/day sessions in prep for college basketball season.  
    My Lovely lady Michelle is still styling by day and lifting heavy weight by night!  
    The Docter (Alex) is taking all of the jokes I make about him in stride and continues to improve his already-jacked physique despite the hamburger meat on his chest. 
    Following closely on the Doc’s heals is his protege Ryan Knight who has transformed himself from scrawny to brawny over the past few months and has been throwing up big numbers.  
    Allie and LC are making their mark on the Top Shop every session by going above and beyond and pushing themselves to the absolute limit.  
    Sara R. has lost 9 pounds in less than 3 weeks sticking to her meal plan, training program, and a.m. cardio schedule. 
    The entire Family of Shawn and Jolene has been training together since the 21 day challenge and beyond showing us the new standard for family values in 2015. 
    Morris and JoJo are still the two most gangster North Shore Nancy’s on the planet being able to recite Big Sean songs!  
    The Den Mother is posting bigger numbers on the bench, squat, and deadlift than most college athletes while also dropping body fat like a lunatic.  
    Zander and Jennifer are destroying workouts every morning and putting new meaning to the word teamwork.  
    T.K. (Taylor King)  has gotten back after it after some time off and is showing true heart.  
    Rabbi has been trimming down week after week while avoiding his usual SummerFest slump.  He is no longer BM and has almost become a “real.”  If you don’t know, you’re not ready.  
    Deborah has been training like a spartan for the past 2 months and makes me question my own intensity during workouts.  
    My new sidekick McKayla is showing incredible promise as a coach and def has potential to become one of the best coaches around, far better than myself. 
    Cheyn is not only putting up numbers on all his lifts but he is showing us all how crazy your socks can be while still making gains! 
    Delaney came back and PR’d on bench while tearing up the Top Shop.
    Sally continues to make me think she is lying about her age with every workout she dominates.  
    Giselle & Sofia have made this mark: alleviated stress, dropped weight, and felt better than ever and it’s only been 2 weeks. 
    Taahiraa hasn’t even “officially” started and has crushed 4 workouts and stayed consistent after being away from Top Line for years.  
    Amber slimmin Tribben and her husband aka “The Tree” are constantly making me laugh and doing everything that’s asked of them. 
    Stizz is finally settling back in after a bunch of schedule conflicts and always makes my life better when it comes to coaching. 
    How about the MMA guys/girls:  Omar is 100% dialed into fight camp mode, G-Man is back, Kali is on point (minus a pop-tart or 2), and even The UFC flyweight himself Dustin Ortiz is back in action. 
    Gunner is slinging Badger fences left and right during the day and 45# plates at night! 
    Arturo and Memo are two of the hardest working dudes I know.
    Brunner is still making gains despite not training with the 7 o’clock crew.
    Sam has made a complete lifestyle transformation and it sometimes feels like I’m training the Riddler with her.
    Another full family taking over TL is Rob, Evangeline, Grace, & Jackson. A true blessing to work with as a coach and a friend.  
    Magic Mike retired the worlds thickest shoes but still trains harder than most while making everyone die laughing day in and day out.  
    Cal who can’t even drive yet is getting a serious set of pipes on him and staying consistent with his summer training program! 
    Reaper & Maddie…..Let’s just say they are making the most of their summer vacation & the Top Shop!  
    Some of the newest members like Howard, DeAnna, and Carmen are making us truly love what we do here at Top Line.  
    Did I forget you…Nah...I’m just hyped up on these iced coffees and can’t think straight anymore and need to eat a meal.  
    I just wanted to brag and recognize some of the awesome and amazing people (old, new, and in-between).  
    I’m humbled to be your coach and be a part of the gym that you’ve all help create.  It’s truly an honor! 
    See you all in there tonight.  Let’s crush this week! 
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