We wanted to make joining Top Line simple.  To achieve that, we designed an easy way for us get get to know each other and understand how we can serve you best. It only takes 3 easy steps to get started.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Purchase this trial membership 

Step 2: You will be contacted to schedule your Health & Lifestyle Evaluation

Step 3: Try us out to be sure we are the right place for you to achieve your goals


Trial Membership Includes: 

  • Comprehensive Current Health & Lifestyle Evaluation: We will cover everything from your current lifestyle & health habits, to your main goals so we can serve you best. 
  • Basic Conditioning/Cardio Training Session: One of our coaches will put you through a basic conditioning/cardio based training session to see what you should or should not be doing in the gym as we move forward.  Don't be nervous or anxious before your first session, our goal is to get a better understanding of what will work best for your body, not beat you up.  
  • Strength Training Session: One of our coaches will put you through a basic strength training session to assess your current strength levels for future program creation.  

*PLEASE NOTE: When you decide to join, this entire amount will be applied towards your first month's membership dues. 

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