Established in 2008, Top Line has served thousands of athletes and people over the past decade. It is a privilege for our committed staff to provide time, resources and encouragement to youth, high school, and college athletes with the drive to become successful and put in the extra work necessary to reach their goals. This facility has served as a dominant resource for all athletes looking to gain “ The Edge” at their sport, improve their athletic performance and  develop a healthier lifestyle. This program is not for everyone, athletes that buy in and trust in the process will see exceptional results!
Top Line 7v7 is a club organization for youth and high school athletes looking to maximize reps, improve their football IQ, prepare for their next season and increase their chances at the college level. This is a highly competitive league full of some of the nations top athletes. 7 on 7 is a non tackling sport (two hand touch) that is still physical and provides a realistic game like situation. Parents, it’s a privilege for our staff to coach your son. We will be honest with your son on where they are at athletically and provide proper direction and motivation to reach their goals. We will take full advantage of the opportunity to provide time, resources and encouragement to all athletes that have a drive to be successful and develop their skills this offseason. No coach is willing to provide the amount of time and effort like the coaches at Top Line. At Top Line, we believe it is our duty as coaches to provide a high standard and push each player to reach their athletic and personal goals. 

Top Line Athlete Expectations:

Will be held to a COLLEGE STANDARD, if you want to play at a high level you will be coached that way. Each athlete will be graded out based off their performance and attitude for each practice. 

BEING ON TIME - Showing up to practice and training sessions at least 5 min early. 

COMMUNICATION - Athletes must communicate their schedule with a Topline coach. If an athlete is unable to make any event: practice, training session, and tournaments It must be communicated in advance.